64-Years Of Bajaj Auto's History Is Full Of Masterful Collaborations

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64-Years Of Bajaj Auto's History Is Full Of Masterful Collaborations

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With the recent announcement of Bajaj-Triumph collaboration and counting KTM in it, we are effectively looking at the greatest motorcycle business on the planet.This establishes Bajaj Auto as the master collaborator of the world automobile industry.


Bajaj Auto, a two and three-wheeler manufacturing behemoth based out of Pune, India has been among the highest valued automotive companies hailing from the major South-East Asian Economy. The company finds its origins in the vintage of late 1944 when its predecessor company, M/s Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Limited was formed and traded in imported two and three wheelers for Indian customers. From those humble beginnings, in last 64 years, Bajaj Auto has taken a form of a mammoth company that has a presence in over 50 countries where it has either been present on its own or through a strategic partnership.

For more than 1.3 Billion Indian people, Bajaj Auto is a company that has been an undeniable part of their lives. From a company connected to a vast majority by strong nostalgia to a company that has forever looked beyond the obvious and into the future, Bajaj Auto has charted flawlessly and mostly bravely into uncharted territories and came out establishing new norms and bringing paradigm shift in the market. Every Indian will fondly refer to the company as ‘Hamara Bajaj’, meaning ‘Our Bajaj’ showcasing the pride the country puts behind one of its biggest and the most reputed companies. On the other hand, for a vast majority of two wheeler users across the globe, Bajaj is essentially known for the revered Bajaj-KTM alliance, a collaboration that effectively changed the world two wheeler industry.

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