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You are here: TMW -- 2014 Motorcycle Models -- Beta -- 2014 Beta Evo Sport 300 2-Stroke Review

2014 Beta Evo Sport 300 2-Stroke
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Click photos to enlarge. Our big, clean bike pics make great desktop wallpaper.

2014 Beta Evo Sport 300 2-Stroke
2014 Beta Evo Sport 300 2-Stroke

2014 Beta Evo Sport 300 2-Stroke Review

2014 Beta Evo Sport 300 2-Stroke on


Items included with all Evo Sport models:
-Long Range fuel tank with built-in seat for trail riding
-Knobby tires
-Front fender lift kit to prevent mud packing into fender
-Updated clutch setting for a more aggressive engagement
-Beta hand guards
-Distance meter mounted on handlebars
-Larger countershaft sprocket for casual trail riding
-Special graphics

Beta offers the most complete line-up of trial bikes on the planet. The Evo 200 is designed for riders of all ages, softer power that will not cause mistakes, perfect for the rider starting out or riders with a smaller stature. The Beta Evo 125 is perfect for youth rider ages between 13-16, or the smaller adult riders. The Evo 80 models come in two sizes, Senior and Junior, these indestructible machines are perfect for kids as their six speed liquid cooled engines work ideal for a youth rider learning trial or “trail” riding. NEW
for 2014 is the Beta “E” electric youth trailer, perfect for the youngster starting out, this bike can be ridden in the back yard as it makes no sound and will run for more than two hours on a single charge.


2014 Beta Evo Sport 300 2-Stroke Features and Benefits

Updates for EVO 125cc, 200cc, 250cc and 300cc 2T models:



-The frame is now in black to enhance the overall look of the bike.


-All new triple clamps that have a sleek design that is lighter and provides less friction with less pinch bolts for the fork tubes. The 2013 style clamp had two bolts on the top and three on the bottom while the new clamp has only one on the top and two on the bottom.

-The new clamp also offers a pinch bolt for the top steering stem that replaces the spanner nut to reduce weight and simplify adjustments to the steering head bearings.

-Handlebar mounts are lower and closer together to allow more flex in the bar while also offering a more comfortable riding position.

-Low-friction SKF forks seals are now standard on all Evo models.

-New valving for a better “feel” and less negative feedback to the rider.


-New rear shock which is longer in length and a new piston, along with new valving that was inspired by the Beta factory Trial Team to match the new front fork settings.


-New design of the skid plate that is lighter and with a better shape for large impacts.

-New rear shock linkage guard to protect the rocker assembly from damage and reducing wear on the bearings from the mud.


-Shorter length exhaust header to provide a smoother power delivery at lower rpm while allowing for higher revs when necessary.

-Muffler is now mounted with a new system developed by the Beta Race team to increase durability, this is the same system found on the 2013 Factory Editions.


-All NEW footpegs built with Micro-fusion technology. This design is more appealing, lighter, and also more resistant to mud packing in the peg.


-New colour in line with the frame.

CDI UNIT: (300cc only)

-New mapping to further improve traction and to match the power delivery to the new engine crankshaft weights.

ENGINE UPDATES (300cc only)


-New primary gear ratios which allow the clutch to spin faster offering a smoother clutch engagement while reducing slipping in the top gears.

-New plastic water pump drive gear to reduce noise while improving the cooling system efficiency.

-Lighter clutch pull at the lever.

-Kick start drive gear is smaller therefore allowing easier starts.


-Final gearing has been changed from 11/41 to 10 tooth front and 42 tooth rear sprocket to work with the new clutch drive system.


-All new crankshaft that has larger diameter flywheels which are lighter and reduce vibration without changing the tractability of the engine. The new weights also reduce the flywheel inertia for improved side to side movements.

-New connecting rod with larger pin diameter to match the new crankshaft.


-New engine center cases to fit the new crankshaft along with a new center case gasket to improve the sealing.


-A bleed screw has been added for the cooling system to ease fluid changes.

Updates for Evo Sport 300 2-Strokecc and 300cc 4T models:


-Aluminum Hydro-Formed frame as used in the 2013 Evo 2T models is now standard on the EVO 4T. This new frame provides less flex for better handling, a better look and also a larger fuel capacity.


-Low-friction SKF forks seals are now standard on all Evo models.

-New valving for a better “feel” and less negative feedback to the rider.


-All NEW footpegs built with Micro-fusion technology. This design is more appealing, lighter, and also more resistant to mud packing in the peg.


-New colour in line with the frame.


-One-piece fuel tank cover with improved cable guide system.


-Design borrowed from the 2013 EVO 2T model, this new fender incorporates a quick-access air filter cover for easy air filter servicing.


-Relocated electrical components to better simplify the overall aesthetics of the bike.


-Relocated to the opposite side compared to the 2013 version to improve the bike's ergonomics.




2014 Beta Evo Sport 300 2-Stroke - International Specifications/Technical Details
US MSRP Price: $7,999 USD

Canada MSRP Price: $7,999 CDN
UK/European MSRP Price: £ See dealer for pricing in GBP / EUR


Type: Single cylinder, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled w/ reed valve
Bore: 79mm
Stroke: 60.5mm
Displacement: 299 cc
Compression Ratio: 10:1
Ignition: Electronic 12 volt, 85 watt w/ dual-map switch (aggressive or soft settings)
Spark Plug NGK BR7ES
Lubrication: Pre-mix (synthetic oil)
Carburetor: Keihin PWK 28mm
Clutch: Wet multi-disc w/ cush-drive basket
Transmission: 6-speed

Frame: Aluminum beam, single wave Hydro-Formed w/built in fuel tank
Wheelbase: 51.4”
Seat Height: 32”
Ground Clearance: 12.2”
Footrest Height: 13.6”
Dry Weight: 149 lbs. dry
Fuel Tank Capacity: 2 US gallons (both tanks)
Front Suspension: 38mm Paioli including hard-coated tubes
Rear Suspension: Single shock, aluminum bodied including linkage, adjustable dampening
Front Wheel Travel: 6.5”
Rear Wheel Travel: 7.1”
Final Gearing: 12t front, 42t rear
Front Brake: 185mm rotor w/ 4-piston caliper
Rear Brake: 160mm rotor w/ twin-piston caliper
Front/Rear Rim: 21” (Front) 18” (Rear)
Front/Rear Tire: Shinko knobby
Warranty: 6 month Limited Warranty

Specifications, features and prices to change by manufacturer without notice. All information correct as of posted date.