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2001 Kawasaki KL250 Super Sherpa
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2001 Kawasaki KL250 Super Sherpa
2001 Kawasaki KL250 Super Sherpa


- 2001 Kawasaki KL250 Super Sherpa

The all-new Kawasaki Super Sherpa™ redefines the dual purpose motorcycle. Not only is it built to tackle a wide range of terrain, but it is engineered to appeal to a broad spectrum of riders.

Its light weight, maneuverability, low seat height, electric starting and ease of operation makes Super Sherpa especially appealing to novice riders who are still developing their riding skills. The responsive handling and brisk power of the 250cc four-stroke engine also lets more experienced riders broaden their skills on the street or dirt.

The Kawasaki Super Sherpa is an entry-level, dual-sport machine. It is fully featured with electric starting, front and rear-disc brakes, low seat height, plenty of suspension travel and complete instrumentation.


Redefining Dual Purpose

The Kawasaki Super Sherpa™ motorcycle is built to tackle a wide range of terrain and appeal to a broad spectrum of riders. Its light weight, maneuverability, low seat height, electric starting and ease of operation make the Super Sherpa especially appealing to novice riders who are developing their riding skills. The smart styling, responsive handling and brisk power of the 250cc four-stroke engine let more experienced riders enjoy their skills on the street, highways, backroads or even in the dirt.

The air-cooled, dual overhead cam, four-valve single-cylinder engine is specifically tuned to produce a wide range of power to make the Super Sherpa suitable around-town commuting, running errands or for trail riding.

Cooling fins on the cam covers and specially designed air passageways help ensure efficient engine cooling. Additional cooling efficiency is achieved with fins on the inside of the cam chain tunnel and on both the inside and outside surfaces of the clutch cover.

Narrow valve angles and a short connecting rod help reduce the overall size of the Super Sherpa engine so that it fits neatly into the compact, lightweight high-tensile steel frame. The comfortable seat is a low 32.7 inches, while the frame geometry provides sharp, responsive handling. Low-speed maneuverability is enhanced with a full 51 degree lock-to-lock steering angle for great turning radius at the mall or around the campsite.

Rigid 36mm front fork stanchions also contribute to more precise steering. Aluminum triple clamps help reduce overall weight, and 9.1 inches of front wheel travel delivers a smooth ride. The rear suspension features Kawasaki’s UNI-TRAK® system, in which the extruded aluminum box section swingarm acts on the linkage to progressively increase damping and spring rates on the
single rear shock as the 7.3 inches of suspension travel is compressed.

Powerful single disc brakes at the front and rear wheels provide sure stopping power with responsive feel. Universal tires promote excellent traction on the street or dirt.

The Super Sherpa uses lightweight, compact multi-function digital instruments. The electronic-driven digital speedometer has a display that can be scrolled through dual tripmeters, an odometer and a clock. A compact, bright headlight also saves weight.

Other Super Sherpa features include a quiet stainless steel exhaust system with spark arrestor, rear grab rails that improve passenger comfort as well as provide cargo tie-down and lifting points, and a 2.4-gallon fuel tank that maintains the machine’s slim profile while giving an extensive cruising range.

With its light weight, maneuverability, low seat height, electric starting and ease of operation, the Kawasaki Super Sherpa is a fun, easy-to-ride motorcycle that appeals to a wide range of riders.



Dual-Overhead Cam Four-Stroke Engine

4 valves for efficient breathing
Narrow valve angle for a compact combustion chamber and small cylinder head
Specially-designed cooling fins and passageways route air for more efficient cooling
Gear-Driven Engine Balancer

Smoothes engine vibration for rider comfort
Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Looks good and resists corrosion
U.S. Forest Service-approved spark arrestor/muffler only emits 80 decibles
34mm Mikuni Constant Velocity Carburetor

Provides excellent fuel economy and quick response
Electric Starter

Provides quick, easy starts
36mm Front Fork

Aluminum upper and lower triple clamps reduce weight
51 degrees of steering lock radius for easy maneuverability at low speeds
UNI-TRAK® Rear Suspension System

Progressively increases the damping and spring rates as the suspension is compressed
Swingarm is extruded box-section aluminum for rigidity and light weight
Disc brakes

Provides sure stopping power with minimal effort
Aluminum Rims

Reduce unsprung weight for better suspension action
Attractive gold finish
Digital Multi-function Meter

Contains speedometer, dual trip meters, clock and odometer
Convenience Features

Maintenance-free battery
Ignition switch and fork lock combination
Choke lever within easy reach on upper triple clamp
Oil sight window for quick and easy oil checks
Push-to-cancel turn signal switch
Snail-type chain adjusters
Durable O-ring chain
Easy-to-service guillotine-style air filter
Polished aluminum frame guards
Chrome handlebars with brushed alloy clamps for an attractive appearance
Engine case guard


The Best of Both Worlds

The best of both worlds: You want a bike that's good in the dirt, and you want it to be street legal for running into town or down the highway, too. Kawasaki has the answer with do-it-all dual-purpose bikes that come packed with exclusive features for you to explore new heights of on- and off-highway riding and exploration.

The KE100 is one of the most enduring and best selling models offered from Kawasaki. Its rugged two-stroke engine is perfect for simple around town transportation or doing a little off-highway adventuring.

The all-new Super Sherpa™ redefines the dual purpose motorcycle. Not only is it built to tackle a wide range of terrain, but it is engineered to appeal to a broad spectrum of riders.

If you are looking for a lightweight four-stroke 250, then you'll be delighted with the KLR250. It's got the goods for on and off highway excursions, like plush long travel suspension and high ground clearance.

Or the KLR650. It takes you wherever, whenever in smooth, torquey comfort. And with its huge 6.1 gallon fuel tank, the journey continues long after the others stop. So make your own world perfect. On one of Kawasaki's impressive dual-purpose machines.



KL250-G5 Super Sherpa

Engine Type
4-stroke, air-cooled Single

249 cc.

Bore x Stroke
72 x 61.2 mm.

Compression Ratio

Valve System
DOHC, 4 valves

Mikuni BST34



6-speed with Positive Neutral Finder

Frame type
Semi-double cradle, high-tensile steel

Rake / Trail
28 degrees / 4.2 inches

54.1 inches

Suspension, Front
36 mm. telescopic fork

Suspension, Rear
Bottom-Link Uni-Trak with adjustable preload and 20-way rebound damping

Tire Front

Tire Rear

Brakes, Front
Single disc with two-piston caliper

Brakes, Rear
Disc with single-piston caliper

Seat Height

Fuel Capacity
2.4 gallons

Dry Weight
249 pounds

Olive Green

Specifications are subject to change without notice, in accordance with national regulation and legislations.