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Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:20 pm
by JackoftheGreen
Here on TMW, uploaded photos are strictly limited to 300kb file sizes or less, which can be a hassle. Even the lowest quality settings on most Android cameras will far exceed that, and it's not always clear how to get them resized.

I've created this quick tutorial in the hopes it will help you more easily contribute photos to the forums. Note that, as an Adroid user, I am unsure whether the app I use is available for iOS products.

After testing out half a dozen apps to get this done, the one with the most straight-forward process is "Photo and Picture Resizer" on Google Play. This is a free app with ads.
select photo.jpg
Notice the icon for the app, make sure you get the right one! This is the opening screen. Start by tapping "Select Photo".

This will take you into your Gallery. Navigate your file structure in whatever way works best for you, and locate the photo you want to resize. In this case, my coffee picture from a couple days ago.
After you select the photo, it will show in the main app window. Locate the "Resize" button at the top and tap it.
resize button smaller.jpg
You'll be presented with multiple options to resize to. To be safe, just select the smallest option, 25%.
select new size.jpg
You'll be taken to the output screen, and the new dimensions and file size will be displayed at the top.
output smaller.jpg
As long as that final number is lower than 300kb, the file is now small enough to upload to TMW. To my knowledge, no phones take pictures so good that 25% wont get you under 300kb. I took this photo at 4K resolution and the 25% output was 113kb. Also notice you can replace the original file from this screen with the resized one. If you choose not to do that, your resized images will be in a separate folder in your gallery.

And that's it! Once that's done, just follow the on-screen instructions on the forum window to inset your pics in a post.

And hey, now that you've learned this process, follow the "Riding Game" link in my signature! And then go get some pics!!


Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:18 am
by totalmotorcycle
Awesome topic!! Stickied. :)