Buell Blast - dont bother

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Unread post by mxturd » Fri Aug 08, 2008 10:21 pm

I just bought a brand new Buell Blast. I got it for my wife who is 4'7". It seemed like the best, and only option for her. She has absolutly zero experience. What better bike right? Well it's an 07 and had 12 miles on it when we bought it. When we get it home, we found out the kill switch to keep it from going in gear with the stand down was broke. Not exactly the safest. And now, it has 170 miles on it and the belt broke. I had to push it about a mile home. Not even ridden for a week, and less than 200 miles. What garbage!!!!

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Unread post by HYPERR » Sat Aug 23, 2008 11:37 am

Isn't the engine in the Blast a hacked off 883 Sportster jug? The engine was designed as a twin, not as a thumper. :roll:
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Re: Buell Blast - dont bother

Unread post by Diozark » Tue Jun 09, 2015 5:51 pm

jmillheiser wrote:ok the bike is a 2001 buell blast that had a mere 3000 miles on it.

I spent 2 months trying to get it to run for more than 2 minutes. Apparantly the carb is toast and that combined with the leaky fork seals and leaky steering head has made it obvious that this bike is beyond resonable repair.

I have since parted the bike out and am getting ready to sell the usable parts on ebay.

DONT EVER BUY A USED BUELL BLAST! this is a bike that is designed to be ridden one season and thrown away.

If you must buy a blast get it brand new and expect to send it to the junkyard after about a year
That is terrible advice, I bought a 2003 Buell Blast with 600 miles on it , didn't run. Put a new Carb on it, chopped off that ridiculous muffler, and rejet the carb, and put a velocity stack on it, Runs like a beast. I am also customizing the body panels and the chassis, airbrush artwork, black high gloss powdercoat. Easy bike to work on. may put it in a redneck engineering frame someday.
Sorry you didn't like your bike.

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Re: Buell Blast - dont bother

Unread post by Jarlaxle » Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:12 pm

My wife's best friend wanted to ride...but she is tiny (4'5"), so finding a bike she could ride was tough. (She can't flat-foot a Rebel.)

A low-seat (25") Blast fit like it was custom-built for her, and she loves it. Hers is a bright-yellow 2008, an ex-Rider's Edge bike. She got it for practically nothing, my uncle offered to fix whatever it needed. (It was winter and he was bored.) She added a gel seat pad to the unpadded stock seat, and my uncle reported that after replacing the horrid OE tires with Avon Viper Strikes, the handling and stability improved dramatically. He did all the "fixes" on hers: carb boot, front engine mount, primary chain tensioner. She has put almost 1000 miles on it and loves it. She even did a 200-mile highway run and reported it handled it without a problem. (Bonus: it did that on 3 gallons of gas.)

It's built to be a low-maintenance bike: automatic choke, hydraulic valve lifters, Kevlar belt drive.

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Re: Buell Blast - dont bother

Unread post by AKjosh36 » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:14 pm

hi everybody,
Just wanted to say as a current blast owner/ rider I haven't had a single problem with my bike. I'm not saying that every single one ever built was perfect but a lot of us blast owners are very happy with our bikes. It's important that you experience as much as you can first hand rather than bagging on a brand "cuz your buddy had one" or "you heard about a guy that had one..." I love all motorcycles old /new/imports/domestics, not pledging undying loyalty to buell (This blast is my second bike and definitely will not be my last bike).
No manufacturer has built the perfect bike, that's part of the fun, but a lot of posters are flaming buells even though they never owned one. It's not constructive or conducive to helping us newer riders looking for info from experienced riders.
I also owned a Cleveland cyclewerks Tha Heist, that bike was garbage and I know because I spent hours on my hands and knees in the garage trying to get it to run, found out a piece of the starter had been put in backwards at the factory, I can say from my experience that my heist was not a particularly well built cycle, but other people are getting great results from theirs. The point is saying "Don't bother" about a bike is subjective and misinformative. If anyone wants to ask about my buell I love talkin bikes so hit me up.

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