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1984 Honda VT 750 Shadow

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2013 1:39 am
by faded sun
This is by far the most comfortable and enjoyable ride I have ever owned. It took me four months of looking to find it. I wound up buying it at a salvage place near where I live. 5 years ago it had 6500km on the clock when I got it.

Other than trouble starting it in the very cold winters here in Toronto and having to replace the tanks due to rust ( a lot of time spent in barns and garages I suspect ) the bike has been a consistent performer. The only thing I have added to it is a small wind screen. My wife loves to ride along. The passenger seat (OEM) is not satisfactory for longer rides. The driver's saddle is very comfortable and low enough to not be a stretch to touch the ground.

Handling is easy and with the proper tires I can still drag the center-stand on a corner. Not a racer, but still faster off the mark than most anything on 4 wheels.

It is the first bike another biker has caught up to me on to tell me how much they loved the sound. Honda really created the ultimate cruiser styling (IMO) with this series. I don't like that they have simply gone for copying the looks of the HD franchise with current Shadow styling.

Planning to move to an ST 1100 this year with custom Corbin saddle to get into longer rides with the love of my life (happily) aboard. Scheming how to sell the Shadow to my friend so I can get it back when I am rich and I won't care if I am famous.

Would welcome any input from ST owners out there. Pro or Con.

Re: 1984 Honda VT 750 Shadow

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2013 7:21 am
by ceemes
The Honda ST aka Pan European is a pretty good bike, however there is an issue with the ST1300's in that they can develop an alarming and catastrophic high speed weave from the rear. The issue came to a head back in 2007 when a British Motorcycle cop was killed when his ST1300 developed the weave and crashed. Many British police force retired their new fleets of ST1300's and brought their fleets of earlier ST1100's out of mothballs. Other riding organizations and media have tested the ST1300's and have replicated the so-called Pan Weave, and around 43% of riders contacted reported experiencing it. The weave seems to be a problem on the newer ST1300's and not the older ST1100's and I have yet to hear if Honda has sort the issue out.