Review: 480 line "Xtreme Plus" kit from helmetcame

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Review: 480 line "Xtreme Plus" kit from helmetcame

Unread post by macktruckturner » Sun May 14, 2006 7:32 am

You might recall that many months ago - when I got back from Iraq - I started the search for an appropriate camera to record my rides from an interesting POV. The offerings from seemed to be the ticket, coming in an "indestructable" mount complete with a protective cover for the lense itself, a seperate microphone, and a battery pack to power it all. My kit was $301 shipped, and I recieved it the other day.

Anyway, I mounted the 3M "Dual Lock" strip as close to centered under the nose of my 2005 SV650S as possible, and ran the video/power cable for the camera up through my fairing. The microphone I mounted under the tail, and ran the wires through the bodywork up to my Canon ZR85 minidv camcorder in my tankbag.

All in all I had two issues, only one related to the equipment from the kit. Issue #1 you will hear in the video clip. It sounds to me like the combination of being right next to my exhaust, and in a pocket of dirty air is too much for the microphone to handle. There is what sounds to me like rather serious clipping on the audio side, and I think it's due to wind more than the exhaust as it isn't really a factor when the bike is stopped. To combat this, I'm going to try two things. First thought is to actually mounted IN the tail of my bike, under the seat - and hope getting it out of the direct wind is enough to kill the clipping but maintain my exhaust note. Second is to put the mic in a block of foam to shield it from the wind some. I'll have to test both to see which one works - or if I have to do both, or whatever. The second is that the buttons on the Canon are very sensitive, and I actually had to make two runs b/c it stopped recording the first run as I closed my tankbag. I'll be making some kind of rigid case/cover for the Canon before too long.

I haven't taken pics yet, but rest assured by lunch I'll have some photos in this thread - for now, be happy with 100MB of Video.

edit to add pics:
everything in the box

a shot of the mounted camera from the side

a shot of the mounted camera from the front

the microphone mounted, location will change for the next vid.


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