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The Honda Riding Assist for motorcycles receives three prizes at the prestigious CES 2017

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:23 pm
by totalmotorcycle
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The exclusive Honda Riding Assist technology, presented by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. at the prestigious CES in Las Vegas, the largest fair in the world of electronics and consumer technology, has been awarded three Best of CES 2017 awards: "Best innovation "And" Best Automotive Technology "presented by Engadget * 1, the official partner of the Best of CES awards, and the" Editor's Choice "award from Popular Mechanics magazine * 2. The Honda Riding Assist is a conceptual technology of Honda through which it is possible to maintain the balance of the motorcycle on the two wheels without pilot intervention.

In its world debut at CES, Honda has unveiled its Riding Assist technology, which relies on the brand's robotic technology to create a motorcycle that balances itself, thus reducing the risk of crash while the bike is stationary. Instead of using gyroscopes, adding a considerable amount of weight and altering the driving experience, the Honda Riding Assist incorporates an original technology developed for the company's UNI-CUB personal mobility unit. The Honda Riding Assist is the great proposal of Honda to make more fun both the daily use and the longer trips in motorcycle.