Boneheaded Cagers you spotted while riding?

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Boneheaded Cagers you spotted while riding?

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One thing I have noticed, is that since I started up riding again I am quick to spot boneheaded cagers doing stupid things. And I noticed that even when I am driving instead of riding, I am taking more note of them and what is going on in the traffic around me. So I was wondering, what boneheaded antics have you spotted cagers doing while your have been out for a ride. And since I started this thread, I guess I will go first.

On Friday, my usual route home was basically shut down due to an accident on the Arthur Lang bridge between Vancouver and Richmond, so I decided to scoot down to Oak Street and get on the freeway there. However Oak was pretty much jammed up and it was stop and go all the way from 52nd to the Oak Street Bridge. Three lanes of traffic crawling at a snails pace and all the while the temperature gauge on the Connie was pushing closer and closer to the red zone. Then I spotted her, a silly woman in a Geo in the middle lane read a bloody paperback novel while crawling along in traffic. Her drivers window was open and I asked her to put down her book and please concentrate on her driving, I got a dirty look in return. It amazes me that some people are so self-centred or stupid that they think that they are above the rest of us that they take affront when asked to at least obey the law or practice common sense. And even though she almost rear ended the car in front of her two or three times, the silly cow refused to put down her novel.
Always ask why.


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