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Repairing cracked fairing + airbrush painting

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:48 pm
by Shorts
I'm taking a stab at repairing the cracked fairing on the Duc. It certainly won't be special and probably downright mortifying for Ducati fanatics - I'm sure I'm committing some kind of mortal sin. But, eh. It's broken already.

I've got some Holts automotive touchup paint that looks to be matching up halfway decent (I've tried it already in some inconspicuous spots). I want to airbrush the paint but wondering if I need any kind of lacquer reducer?? Also, should I leave the masking tape in place so there is no overspray? I'm concerned about raised edges but I'm going to try to apply as thin a coats a possible so there's no edge buildup. I suppose that I can use some compound to take down any high spots left from the tape edge. I'm also thinking of adding a urethane clear to finish it.

Thoughts?? (aside from the "send it to the professionals" quip)

I've cleaned the edges of the two cracks (its a complete separation), then taped them together for alignment. I'm going to tack the ends. Area scuffed with 100grit.

Edges tacked with low-rent soldering iron, melted down to halfway through

Rear crack completely melted

Front side crack was also melted through like the rear, then sanded and leveled with putty...err epoxy. Sanded 80 and 100grit and leveled again. Wiped clean. Ready for prime and paint.