Front right running light broke, but blinker is fine

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Front right running light broke, but blinker is fine

#1 Unread post by PIBrider » Mon May 09, 2016 7:43 am

Bought my first bike last week. 2004 Honda Shadow 600. The front right running light wasn't working when I bought it but the blinker works.

I figured maybe it was just one of the filaments in the light bulb burnt out. Looks like it's not that simple. After changing the bulb I inspected a little closer and noticed that the right blinker was going double speed, which I believe indicates a wiring issue. I took apart the entire blinker assembly to see if there was any corrosion-none. Removed the front cover to trace the wire back, unplugged the connector and plugged it back in. The connector itself looked good and no fraying or anything on the cable. I got it all put back together again and I'm proud to say that it isn't any more broken than when I started. In fact, the right blinker isn't going double time any more.

Next on my list is to check the fuse box. I've done a little work on my car and a lot of work on computers, but this is the first time I've done any work on a motorcycle. If you have any recommendations on what to check next, I'd be grateful.


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Re: Front right running light broke, but blinker is fine

#2 Unread post by GS_in_CO » Mon May 09, 2016 8:30 am

Since the other light/blinker is working you have a "known good" to compare.

Using a multimeter start checking to see if there is the expected power at the connector. (compare the "good" connector to the "unknown")

Be very, very, very careful probing inside the bulb socket with the meter probe as you can short and damage stuff. In fact, wrap the probe with tape except for a very small section on the point.

See if you can figure out where the bad bulb grounds to. If might go to the light stalk rather than back down the wiring loom. Or if it's in the wiring loom the ground lug might have loosened or been corroded.

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