Need help! Suzuki intruder 1400 electrical!

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Need help! Suzuki intruder 1400 electrical!

Unread post by Jdbucher35 » Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:38 am

I'll take all opinions. So, the other day I pulled my bike out after letting it sit for about 48 hours in 30 degree weather in my garage. I forgot to put it on the charger, so I pulled it out to go start it. It wouldn't start, but that was due to not realizing my choke wasn't on, but I tried starting it so many times it drained the battery down to almost nothing. So I throw it on the charger, have it on automatic start mode. It started right up. Then, sparks are flying everywhere from my terminals because the charger is still hooked up, the handles on the charger are red hot, so I disconnect the charger and then my bike shuts off. I take the charger off then put the key in and my lights and everything light up and then it does the battery click as if it's dead. So I put it on the trickle charge for about 4 hours, the battery is now fully charged. I pull the bike out to try and start it, I put the key in and none of my lights go on. Until I touch one of the terminals with my voltage checker, then the lights come all the way on and the bike starts right up. The battery is at fully charged and isn't draining at all. But the bike is running like crap, during idle it's real hesitant and then I go to rev it and it acts like it wants to shut off, the lights are all flickering including the spedometer. I shut it off, nothing turns on, until I touch the terminal on my battery with my voltage checker once again...then it starts right up and still runs bad. And yes I made sure I had my fuel line on and choke on. I then shut it off, and start it up again, this time without touching the terminal. And then did it one more time. So I shut it off and backed it in the garage. Went out there this morning to check if my battery drained and it was still fully charged. Please help!! Did I blow my ECU?

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