Valve Spring Compression, Can't Re-Install Gears, Timing Light

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Valve Spring Compression, Can't Re-Install Gears, Timing Light

Unread post by Ellz10 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:46 am

This is my first time using a forum and I hope it works for me as I'm a bit concerned about severely damaging my bike. I've been doing my own work for awhile now and have learned a lot (while spending money on my screw ups :icon_mad: ) The matter at hand is this: I decided to take many parts on the bike and get them
powdercoated to give off a better look cosmetically ( Rims, rocker covers, cam cover, clutch cover, back sprocket [pulley], primary cover, ect) Everything went fine until I came to the cam cover. I clearly wasn't thinking as I didn't drain the primary NOR the oil. Big mess. I also didn't realize I was supposed to take
the timing cover off and remove the bolt. So I finally remove the cam cover and remove gears W1-W4 (why I removed them, I just don't know. I guess I didn't think it would matter). Well now the gears wont go back in and I've been informed that the valve spring compression may be extremely screwed up. I would very much like to know how I can/should go about reinstalling everything as well as any post-completion safety checks to ensure everything is running smoothly like it should be. ANY help is extremely appreciated.

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