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Stupid mistakes and solutions --- New Impressions.

Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2019 10:23 pm
by pchast
I've been looking at Electric Bikes for a while.... Please don't throw stones....
I've sat on a few. There was a left over 2019 DSR at a sale price.
I bought it! :roll:
The ones I sat on before I could flat foot.
I didn't get on this one before doing paperwork.
I can't now.
Just the toes of my boots touch and the saddle is wider than the others.
The saddle can be altered. It has heavy foam in the sides that can be shaved.
That will help some. I will need to find information on how to lower it more.
My stone driveway and the sloping roads at stops are a concern at this height.
For a lighter bike its top heavy.

Re: Stupid mistakes and solutions.

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 5:04 pm
by JackoftheGreen
Anyone who will throw stones over an electric bike these days isn't paying attention. Properly outfitted, the new Zeros are very hard to find any fault with. Did you get any of the extended power options or the fast charger?

I'm sure there will be options for lowering, obviously I'd start with the dealer and move outward from there.
Let's see some pics!

Re: Stupid mistakes and solutions.

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 10:21 pm
by pchast

Yea, the dealer is 115 miles away, in another state.. Its usable. Perhaps a local dealer
of another brand can lighten the shock preload and lower things a little.

I got no options at this time. Most of my riding in the past was less than 100 miles.
This will provide that. I've used it. its real nice.

I'm more uneasy with the height. Its my first New bike.

Re: Stupid mistakes and solutions.

Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 3:06 pm
by ZooTech
You can slide the front forks up in the clamps, about an inch max but that'll make a huge difference. I don't see lowering links online for the rear yet but if you take one off and measure, you should be able to find one for another make/model that'll fit or have a set fabbed up.

Re: Stupid mistakes and solutions.

Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 10:33 pm
by pchast
Interesting. Thanks. I'll look at that further.

Re: Stupid mistakes and solutions --- New Impressions.

Posted: Sun May 24, 2020 10:14 pm
by pchast
It took a while to get and have a lowering kit installed and the forks lowered about ¼ inch. My feet touch, about half anyway, with the new boots I finally found... I may drop the forks a little more.

So: Personal observations after light use. I rode a GS550E before. The DSR is quite different in some ways. I have been riding, off and on, since about when I joined TM. I haven’t covered over 5 – 6,000 miles total. So still not a heavily ‘experienced’ rider. I have 300 miles on the Zero now. I’m out as often as possible doing errands and feeling it out. Short trips all, but the nubs are off the tires.

Today I did 40 miles of back roads (lower speed) after getting my son to cover me. (I’m my Mom’s care giver.) That ride took about an hour where I traveled. It used 25 of the 90% charge. The bike says it will take almost 4 hours to get to 100% charge. At 100% charge 100 highway miles are supposed to be available in average use. That covers all my needs, considering my past use.

With a Battery powered bike there is solid weight right up to the seat. Balance is quite different though the published weight is a little less. Once you are moving its less noticeable. I did struggle to hold it up at one bad corner the first time out.

I’ve been using it in Eco mode. It seems to have a little more horse power than the Suzuki at that setting. But that power is instant. From 0 it ramps up quickly. The 550 in line 4 cyl needed 3500 rpm first. There is also a normal and sport setting for response. I’m not ready for them yet.

In the Eco setting the bike regen provides more braking than chopping the power on the gas one. Descending long hills and cornering can be done without using the friction brake. There again I’m still feeling out response patterns. I found the normal brakes are strong and will haul you down quickly at stop lights. I’m handling them gingerly now.

Over all I like the machine. I love not dealing with gas and oil with it. Its available when I’m ready. No more carb maintenance. :D

Re: Stupid mistakes and solutions --- New Impressions.

Posted: Tue May 26, 2020 9:15 pm
by ZooTech
Once they can be recharged in <10min and cost the same as their gas equivalents, I see no reason why these won't become more popular.

Re: Stupid mistakes and solutions --- New Impressions.

Posted: Wed May 27, 2020 8:46 pm
by pchast
I'm using the on board 110 charger. Its quite usable for most peoples needs.
I've read they can be charged in 2 hours or less now from 30 to 100%
The extra chargers cost thousands.

Tripping today requires carrying some of those extra chargers.

Re: Stupid mistakes and solutions --- New Impressions.

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2020 9:31 pm
by pchast
I've been asked more about fit and finish.

I'm shorter now, almost 5'10'' and 215 lbs. When I sit on the bike, the seat is comfortable and my knees are not bent tightly. I'd like the grips back just a little farther perhaps a hair higher too. I lean forward 5 to 10 degrees as it is. Its not enough to bother my back.

I'm pleased with how the machine is constructed. Panels are well fitted and all fasteners are marked with white paint for their location. Its easy to note any changes.