Top 5 Enduro 125 2 Strokes

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Top 5 Enduro 125 2 Strokes

Unread post by MadHorse » Fri May 19, 2017 12:16 pm

Hi Everybody!

Previously I did a Top 5 related to the best Enduro 125cc 4 Strokes, maybe making some purists Mad or disgusted :twisted: .

This time I'm gonna show my personal Top 5 of 125cc Enduro 2 Strokes.

I'm happy that some manifacturers keep doing this kind of engines, despite no-sense anti pollutions laws (2 Strokes are not so inquinating, despite other kind of vehicles or factories) :shooting:

I hope You're gonna like it and obviously make me know what are Your favorite Enduro 125 Bikes, Lamps :mrgreen:

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