Is there a bike out with a mix of cruiser and sport bike?

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Chuck_theHammer wrote:Must be nice riding allready...

a foot of snow in the yard and 2 inches of ice on my side street... also 20 degrees outside
Well, come June/July/August you'll be riding and I'll be looking at my bikes going "Shoot, I wish it wasn't 150 degrees out there..."
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If the VStrom 650 is too tall, how's the Versys gonna fit?
A gel seat lowers the bike two inches, and a lowering kit from motowerk lowers it another 0.9 inches. There's 3 inches without touching the suspension spring thingy. Motowerk also sells a nifty sidestand adjustment.

Trust me, I looked hard at them both. Only the Versys could come down to my size. The 'Strom could only come down maybe an inch, according to the dealer. In a few years, maybe I'd be comfortable on such a tall bike, but not now.

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