Hi Viz . . . yay or nay?

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Re: Hi Viz . . . yay or nay?

#21 Unread post by drumwrecker » Fri Dec 19, 2014 4:07 pm

Grey Thumper wrote:Well, this is me, so I'm obviously a believer.


But like jstark and faded sun said, being situationally aware (and trying to predict how things will go) are way more important. Hi Viz only helps with the cagers who are actually paying attention. But what the hey, it's completely passive, cheap (a Hi Viz vest barely costs anything, and a white helmet is usually the cheapest color), and reflects heat more than black stuff.
Great demonstration of what you think is highViz but onlookers don't see your green jacket against the background of green grass.

I came up on a motorcyclist the other week and the first thing I noticed was his white helmet and the outline of his bike and yes he was wearing a yellow highviz jacket.

I have always reckoned that the front of a motorcycle should have three diffused lights in a triangle and could have become the marker for bikes to instantly recognised.

Back in the 1980's our police rode BMW R80's with that configuration and that is where I got the idea from.

They should be lights to be seen not to see with.
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Re: Hi Viz . . . yay or nay?

#22 Unread post by zombiekatzu » Mon Dec 29, 2014 5:36 pm

anecdotal story, so take it with a grain of salt.
I lost count of how many times I went through drivers-ed. My dad was the teacher, so from the time I was 10, I had to ride with dad an hour early each day to school, and sit through class, or ride along on the drives, and then another hour and half after school for more driving. By the time I went through for real, I'd seen Red Asphalt more times than Star Wars. I've been deliberate and defensive in my driving since.
This spring, when I started to ride, the number of motorcycles I saw on the road exploded. I'm positive that these riders have always been there, many of them wearing bright colors (either safety gear, or bright t-shirts :( ) , but I'm sad to say I hadn't been aware of them previously. Thinking back, the ones I noticed in the past were usually doing some activity to stand out. Sometimes they were stunts, but usually weaving in lanes or something similar.

I do have retro-reflective stripes on my jacket and helmet, but besides those, almost all my gear is black or otherwise dark. I weave in my lane while riding, and haven't had any issues yet.
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