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Total Motorcycle 18.0: The next BIG thing coming - Preview

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:09 am
by totalmotorcycle
Just when you thought I was done with the site upgrade and changes with Total Motorcycle 17.4, I am pleased to announce "The next BIG thing" project is already coming down the line!

That's to change the new site from HTTP to a secure HTTPS site!

You can see I've been working on that here:

With a secure site, your information and the site is behind a SSL certificate and encrypted as well! It's very complex, but just let me say, I am putting your privacy and security at the highest level I possibly can.

My goal is to launch all the SSL HTTPS pages before October!

The HTTPS algorithms I am using will work with our HTTP URL's, so you won't have to change your bookmarks (etc) it will automatically redirect you to the new HTTPS pages. (but you should update them to the new URL).

Thank you for making Total Motorcycle your virtual riding destination!


Re: Total Motorcycle 18.0: The next BIG thing coming - Preview

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:11 am
by totalmotorcycle
UPDATE: Screen shots from the Total Motorcycle computer. We have URL's secure and working!

When viewing our new SSL secure site: you will see a "Pad Lock" in the URL address bar, this mean the site is 100% encrypted secure and independently verified. Clicking on it will read something like:

has identified the site

the connection to the server is encrypted.

If you don't get a Pad Lock or see the message, no worries, you are on a secure site.

Re: Total Motorcycle 18.0: The next BIG thing coming - Preview

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:24 pm
by totalmotorcycle
Also, if you are curious on what has been going on in the background on Total Motorcycle in the past 7 days, here you go:

1. Created and uploaded a new site map to Google, Bing and Yandex using Yoast SEO. Google now has indexed (added to Google): 24,996 out of 31,860 pages and 58,114 out of 100,396 images. Bing 121,050 new pages added. Yandex* 10,919 new pages added. *Europe
2. The Next Big Thing: Converting site from http:// to https:// SSL secure. Will boost Google SEO rankings and offer a secure site. Can also offer ecommerce as a bonus. HTTPS pages will replace HTTP pages.
3. Site optimization:
- Dramatically improved site page loading speeds from 11 second load times to 2 second load times using more efficient coding and optimized ad codes.!/bXxTlw/htt ... (California)
- Improved Google PageSpeed Performance Grade score from 68 to 79.
4. Total Motorcycle is now listed in Bing News. Woohoo!!!

Plus the Big 9 Cruiser Comparo is up and the entire 2018 Triumph's lineup and 2018 Harley-Davidson lineup!

If you ever wanted to be me, that what I do in 7 days. :)