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Puffing & Hesitation

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:31 am
by VegasMtn2023
Good Morning: So I am sure that somewhere in this forum this question has been answered by someone.
I own 2005 Harley Davidson Softail Fatboy FLSTFI.
I cannot get rid of one issue. It does not matter the gear I'm in, or speed at which I am traveling, or even if I am stopped at a light.
My bike will puff randomly, and quickly follow that with a short hesitation. It is enough to startle me and cause a bit of concern as I live on a mountain and ride twisties quite regularly.
My dealership, the first time this happened, found pin holes in my fuel lines, and while changing those out, broke my fuel filter housing, which necessitated that being changed out with the fuel filter. This fixed the issue for a while (like about 3 years).
Last year, I did a local ride to our Walmart, and parked her in the lot. I got my stuff, packed my bags, and rolled toward our iHop. Unfortunately, she puffed, and stalled at a stop sign in front of our Lowes, which is right next to our Walmart. She puffed and stalled again at the intersection light, crossing to iHop. I figured, park her, let her cool, and get her home after breakfast. (Hubby was on his '15 Ultra, so I wasn't alone). We ate, and got on our rides to head home. We sat at that same intersection, and I revved her a bit to keep her idle high so she would not cut off again, although she tried. I got on our highway and hauled butt to our exit, pushing her a bit because I did not want to sit on the side of the highway. She puffed several times at speed, and followed those with hestitations. We got her home, and I parked her. Due to money, I was only able this year in May to change her throttle Postion sensor and MAP sensor, give her a couple of drinks of SeaFoam, and that seemed to help.
Well, Rolling Thunder happened, and we made it to the Hotel OK, made it to the Pentagon fine (though it was hot and the bike tried to overheat with all the stop and go). We parked in the Pentagon lot, and waited for our turn to do the route through DC. She behaved fine for the slow ride through DC Proper, and we split off to head home after. We got stuck in Ronald Reagon Airport Traffic, and she really began to heat up. We got back on the highway, and it started to rain, so good, coolness. Well, she picked her puffing/hesitation up again and I nursed her home again.
Here it is: What more can I (me as a DITY mechanic) do to fix her and get back to regular riding???? Please help, I'm at a loss, and short on funds!

Re: Puffing & Hesitation

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 12:44 pm
by JackoftheGreen
I'm just spit balling here, but lemme ask you, how often do you wash the bike?
Reading through your description of the problem, it almost sounds like water in your gas. I wonder if the gasket on your fuel cap has failed. Especially where you said she ran fine all day through DC, if a little overheated, but then starting puffing when it started to rain.

I ask about washing the bike because I could see water infiltrating through a failed cap gasket while you're hosing her off. That might also explain why the Seafoam seemed to help a little.

Just my $0.02.