Honda Shadow VLX Mono Shock

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Honda Shadow VLX Mono Shock

#1 Unread post by flw » Thu Mar 08, 2007 6:12 pm

The Honda Shadow VLX and VLX Deluxe both have a mono rear shock. Its currently listed with a travel length of 3.5 inches long and adjustable in seven postions.

1. It seems than with only a few inches of travel, that 7 positions is not real. Logically it would seem there would be about 3 "practical" positions. Opinions?

2. Is the 583cc engine enough for the U.S. Interstate for holding 75 mph and with out the engine sounding like its be close to self destruction?

Any other opinions on the Shadow VLX 600 for mostly non-Interstate driving (Older driver/5'10/220)? 2nd rider, must have options or nice to have extra's?
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#2 Unread post by sharpmagna » Thu Mar 08, 2007 6:54 pm

The 7 positions is probably referring to the preload. If you are carrying more weight or are a heavier rider, you would bump up the preload so the bike won't "sag" as much. This will make the bike a firmer ride...

The size of the engine is not what you need to worry about, it's more of the gearing on the VLX. The VLX only has 4 gears so at 75, the engine is probably up in the RPM range (though you wouldn't know what RPM since there is no Tachometer). As a comparison, the Ninja 250 can cruise better on the highway but it's a 6 speed with higher gearing..

I'd pass on it and get something like the Vulcan 500. Smaller engine but faster.
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