Motorcycle Seat Heights

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ticktock wrote:The last bike I sold we just put a lowering kit on it (Kawasaki 800) for the lady around 5’6 and she loved it. I just changed my stock seat out for a single Mustang seat and it brought me up less then inch but not enough that it changed my footing or control. I tell people that it is best to have your feet flat when you stop not on your tip toes, yep I have seen them at stop lights leaning to one side.
This is list is very helpful (though may need updating) when deciding on picking a bike so thanks so much :)

Lowering kits like Ticktock suggests is the best way for those of us vertically challenged, however it does effect the handling a bit so do consider that before you do it.

Having your feet flat and being safe on the roads is priority :goodjob:
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basshole wrote:Damn that's a long list!!!!!!! :shock:
yeah, but where's Ducati? do they not share their specs publicly?

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SPDSTR wrote:
Loonette wrote:It's hard to believe that I lasted as long as I did when I rode our Yamaha FZ6 (I only have a 28" inseam). Thank goodness for my Meanstreak!!

Well I don't think I'll have any trouble fitting on a bike. I'm 6' and have an inseam of 34". Just not sure what my arm reach is though.
I've seen a really short girl on a bike, and it was kinda scary. When she stopped, she was basically on her tip toes, and I swear she couldn't put both feet (well toes for that matter) down at the same time.
Some of us have no choice but to tiptoe in order to ride the bike we want, rather than live on a 250 for the rest of our lives. :) Actually, I don't even think I can flatfoot a Ninja 250! I sure can't do it on a dirtbike, which I've ridden since I was a kid. If you've never been able to flatfoot, you don't know any differently and just adapt.

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Re: Motorcycle Seat Heights

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So if someone who is brand new to motorcycling is 6'6" and weighs 215 lbs with a 38in inseam is looking for a bike, what should he be looking for. Im looking for a cruiser that fits into a college kids budget if he works all summer. Any ideas?

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Re: Motorcycle Seat Heights

#25 Unread post by Lion_Lady » Mon May 09, 2011 7:14 pm

You are going to have a tough time finding a cruiser that fits your long legged build. Check out a dual sport bike such as the Suzuki V-strom 650.

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Re: Motorcycle Seat Heights

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Wow.. This thread is very helpful. I have Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS. this bike offers very good performance and has good engine power. It's seat height is 805 mm.

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Re: Motorcycle Seat Heights

#27 Unread post by scooter12 » Tue May 14, 2013 2:36 pm

My wife is 5 ft tall and can barely reach the ground on most motorcycles. Her Honda Rebel 250 fits her perfectly. She had a Yamaha, but it was really to big for her. It was a Yamaha Zuma 50- went 35 mph.. Me.. Well I can reach the ground on any motorcycle, but due to a severe stroke early on in life, well the weight factor needs considering, all motorcycles are not feasible because right foot in a awkward position. I am able to ride certain types of motorcycles. Sports bikes are to uncomfortable- stretched forward because handbars and feet are arkward. A low rider style is to awkward for feet to reach rear brake. A endure motorcycle has me sitting correctly. But I like the Silverwing, Kymco Downtown 300i, Yamaha 400cc scooter. The Downtown will do 93 mph, Silverwing will hit 130 or more, Yamaha will hit 110 mph..

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Re: Motorcycle Seat Heights

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I want to add in your list Seat Height of 2009 Suzuki intruder m1800r : 700mm (27.6 in.)...

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