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Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2007 10:46 am
by roscowgo
Thats the feeling I get too. After we got home and she got inside....

Totaaly different person that before she went out. was keyed up. Energetic while still being tired. Laughing at things she would Never laugh at before.

I know it scared holy hell and 14 pickles out of her...... But i think it was kind of an emotional EST at the same time. She won't admit that of course. At least not yet. I've got no reason to push. She'll either come along on her own, knowing that shes welcome and wanted at all times, or she'll decide she wants nothing to do with sickles ever again.

Either way is perfectly fine by me.

I did have to ask her one thing when I stopped cackling like a loon for a few seconds though...... so.... those passenger pegs are a little uncomfy? Do you still want to dangle your legs off the bike?


:welcome2: to the craziness Jen.

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 12:24 pm
by roscowgo

Rode to work this morning. Nothing unusual or noteworth to comment on about that.

What i Am happy about is installing a set of ghettospeakers in my helmet. :laughing:

Took an old 15$ pair of headphones/headset did a little corrective surgery to remove the earpieces from the frame, and played around with routing wires, a lil tape and positioning.

Tried the frankenstinian monster out on lunch. While it's not as loud as i'd like it (yet) I think its entirely acceptable and a better experience than the dang wind. Kinda drowns out those screamin dinosaurs i've got attached to my bike too :roll: .

I think I may splice in an in-line coupler at around an inch or two from the edge of the helmet though. cable itself is way way long. I'm not attaching whatever i play music through (currently an ipod) to the bike. will be an in coat battery operated gadjet for the time being. So i'm not too worried about tying myself to the bike.

Am also thinking about getting a little foam and doing some ear hole sculpting. Make a channel that goes more towards my ear from the speaker. Should increase the tunes i can hear, and insulate me from the bellering buelah somewhat. get it shaped and performing right, then make with the sewing or velcro to the existing non protective padding. (my cheekpieces where i have the speakers installed are soft foam, wouldnt protect an ant falling from 1'

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 9:56 pm
by roscowgo
Well tested the speakers out today. And my tailbone. Left home at about 8 this mornin and got back at 9:30 tonight.

:) Had one little pucker moment. Sharp curve, and for some reason a wet road. :shock:

Was a beautiful beautiful day. 70's no clouds. no wind. Bikes EVERYWHERE. I'm guessing I passed 150-200 today. Rode a state down and pestered my geek buddies. :laughing:

Did wind up having to drive the interstate coming home in the dark. I HATE the interstate in the dark.

I can see right now that I'm gonna need a windshield. At least if i plan on trying to haul "O Ring" on the slab. I think I may try some gel inserts in my boots. The vibration makes my left foot do the pins and needles thing, and eventually go numb. Then I have to go do that idiot biker on the side of the road walking in circles thing for another 100 miles or so.

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 8:39 am
by noodlenoggin

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AAAAAaaaaaaaa!!! :twisted:

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 10:05 am
by roscowgo
:p I am not the debil. No really.

Yesterday must have been the day to see and do weird "poo poo".

Went out at around 5-6 for a mickey d's run for jennifer. (we'd both been running all day just no energy to cook). FIrst redlight i get to......what do i see?

Fella riding what i Think was a vulcan of some sort. And just exactly who does he have riding pillion? A naked guy.

A naked guy wearing a beanie helmet and goggles. Yes thats all. They made the next right and got onto the interstate.

:shock: :shock: :shock: Now this is just randomg musing here. But if for some Reason I A. Decided to cuddle up to my buddy and ride pillion. B. Decide to ride nekkid. C. Decide to both ride nekkid And cuddle up to my buddy. I sure as HELL wouldnt jump on the interstate. In the Evening. When the big bugs come out.

Next oddball thing i saw.... Sitting in the drive thru line of McD.... what does my little roving rosco eye spy....but a freaking bobcat. In the middle of town. Wandering around maybe 50 feet from the playground. It seemed to take a good long look, then sort of shrug and trot off toward a staples, and the woods behind it.

though technically not the same day. Jen and i went to bed. 3 am rolls by, i get that excited/afraid/panicked hiss whisper thats reserved for telling someone something serious, generally bad, and or needs attention is going down.


I was dead asleep. Waking me from a dead sleep with something serious going on prompts action. Not Thought. I dont lay around and mumble huh? So I leap from the bed, arm myself with whichever bladed implement presents itself first and go stalking about the house looking to make shiskebabs. Upstairs is clear. I make my way downstairs in the pitch black..... get almost to the bottom. and miss a step. You know how that goes. step out into what i think is the floor.... nothing but air there. go promptly "O Ring" over sleepy teakettle. and stab a light socket. Figure after that little show if there was an intruder, he's laughed himself to death and i can go back to bed.

jeeze what a day.

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 11:18 am
by blues2cruise
Bad dreams....that's what you get for eating McD's.... :wink:

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 12:31 pm
by KarateChick
roscowgo - you still wearin those nicotine patches to bed..or 2 or 3 or what ?!?!?!


Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 12:50 pm
by Scoutmedic
:laugh5: OMG that was too funny. I can relate with the whole "take action from a dead sleep" thing. Can't say how many times I've walked into a wall in the middle of the night because someone decided to move the furniture around in the station. Get used to things being in a particular spot ya know? Alarm goes off at 3 am, you jump up and take a full step towards the clothes peg and find a divider wall instead. :frusty:

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 5:56 pm
by Shorts
:laughing: I'd love to spend a day with you, that'd be a story. I'd bring my vid cam lol

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 6:12 am
by roscowgo
Shorts wrote::laughing: I'd love to spend a day with you, that'd be a story. I'd bring my vid cam lol
Oh it was a weird one alright. But if you really want some funniest home video moments..... you should hang out with my buddy joe. I have never in my life seen a less lucky person.

I've seen him electrocute himself at least two dozen times. He's managed to handsaw his shin bone. Broke his back with a can of beans. Married women flock to him and try to drag him home to be discovered by their husbands. His eyes run red and streaming from allergies causing the summer months to be filled with drug tests where he works. No good deed he does is unpunished.

Love him like a brother though. There is no guile or trickery in joe. :) Just take a step back when he starts fiddling with power tools.

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2007 7:10 am
by roscowgo
Random Rosco Ruminations.

How do people sleep with fans going full bore right on their faces? I have a jennifer fan buffer at night and I still wake up feeling like someone has been sanding my windpipe and stuffing my lungs full of a hellish mix of jello and sawdust.

Why am I always in such a dang hurry? I generally leave early enough to get where I'm going at least 15 minutes in advance. But go all to pieces and form a knot of mid-grade panic if I think I'll be late.

What happened to my snores? For 99% of my life I've been a pip (wolfs india blog) snorer. Sleep apnea the whole bit. Three months ago I just stopped. I like to think I'm dreaming I'm living in the jungle and have to be quiet.

You know you're gotten lost when you start noticing teenagers aren't wearing the current fashions. I got so lost the other day I ran into a girl at a gas station wearing bib overalls. A teenage girl. With one of those 80's mushroom haircuts. I have no idea where I was, but I did have the lovely aroma of cow to keep me cheerful.

Why do schedules and plans get under my skin and make me irritable? If someone (Jen usually, I suspect she has a touch of OCD) writes out a little calendar and expects me to adhere to it, it sets in the back of my brain stewing until I can manage to skip one of the activities.

I have absolutely no navigational skills. Put me at point A, and tell me to make my way to point B. It's entirely likely that I will manage it. But there's no telling where I'll wind up first. Case in point, a few years ago I visited my mother in maryland. On my return journey, Not only did i get lost. And right off the bat mind you, I managed to make it almost to pittsburgh. I was trying to go to virginia by the way.(for those that don't know virginia is southwest of MD, I was going northeast.) I always get where I'm going. But there are certainly some adventures in between. I've gotten within 50 miles of my destination before, become confused, turned around and drove back 200 miles so that I could try a seperate little backroad that i thought i missed. :frusty:

Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 8:16 am
by roscowgo
And now for something exactly the same!

Did a little 200 miler yesterday. Was supposedly to visit Dad.... that part didn't work out. Sucker and his brother joe went down to TN to fish. And didnt invite me. Lazy good fer nothin scoundrels. :x

I think I'm setting out too early in the morning. Musta been living on a farm when i was a kid. Anyway by the time i get back everyone else is just leaving on their rides :D

Anyways the ride report itself..... wiggly west virginia roads with last nights rain still on em. And windy too. On the ride down there is more than a few good wiggly bits of road. Some first gear turns. Well first gear for me, and that makes my foot brush the ground. I can't imagine you could get a cruiser around some of those curves much faster. There is one in particular that I'm in love with. Probably 120 degrees, marked as a 15mpher. It's banked like a short nascar track. You dont so much go around the turn as you flip up on your side and try to loop the loop. Fun stuff. there is another that is right at 170 degrees, and probably raises you 20 feet per 100 forward.

Got to dads, discovered the treacherous dogs and their fishing plot. Went in and availed myself of his huge tv for about an hour..... then poked and wandered around some of the mountains. (have a ride planned with my geek buddies around there this saturday :mrgreen: ). Decided to go home a different way, and didnt feel like dealing with gusty winds And tractor trailers on the interstate. So i headed for Beckley via rt 20, pipestem state park, and hinton. Thats just a pleasant drive. Road has a couple of turns....nothing intense, and you're on this plateau..... very pretty stuff if you like farmland and woods. Poked around the park a bit, aggravated the people in the paddleboats on a little pond.

The road from hinton to shady spring (same one i reported the drunk driver on a couple of weeks ago), is flat awesome.Winding, with those cute little 15mph signs for added color. Road is in decent shape not too many gravely/bumpy portions. The leaves are coming out, the sun was shining, my back was aching, and I was trying to keep my feet from snagging the road.

good times.

Sent a cousin of mine on a ride yesterday that hes cussing me for still. He's a dual sporter. KLR type. He got a hankerin to see Williamson WV, which at one point was a massive rail yard. He heads out from VA, and crosses over into what i like to call the "oh holy hell what have i gotten myself into" portion of WV. It's one of those rides where you get back and check your gear for bullet holes and scorch marks. For those of you with a mapquest fetish. Look for Squire, War, Berwind, Mohawk, Panther, and Rt.52 all in WV.

Oddly enough I spent the first 18 years of my life about 20-30 miles from these places. Somewhere called Horsepen VA. :D I probably shoulda warned him to take a stick.
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 10:22 am
by noodlenoggin
I've been on those Appalachian roads...down, down down, left left left -- UP AND RIGHT!.....down and left, down and left down and left -- UP AND RIGHT!

Keep up the wry humor -- I got a laugh out of your route from MD to VA, via PA. :laughing:

Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 8:34 pm
by roscowgo
Thanks noodle. I try to keep it wry and dry, but i always get a little moist and soggy around the edges.

Yep the roads around here are just like you describe em. Which can get things a little hairy if you miss a shift. Leaned way way over and discovering that 2nd is lugging the motor and knowing youll just flop over like a fish on a spatula will get your attention.

Did my morning commute today. And other than that I managed not to wreck nothing went right for the rest of the day.rode about 5 miles before discovering that my chinstrap was unbuckled on lunch. Stop disrobe, buckle, put all the gear back on. (I am incapable of lacing that strap with my gloves on, and I cant strap the gloves on right if i don't put those on before the coat.)

One of WV finest boys in blue got right on my "O Ring" and followed me wherever i went. Even stopped and watched me get gas. :evil:

Get home and I discover that I'm in trouble for bringing home a 6 pack of diet coke like I was told. Havent figured that one out yet.

Washed Buelah and got wetter and soapier than she did.


Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 10:06 am
by roscowgo
Another of "those" days. Or rather those weeks by now.

Bellerin Buelah has developed a problem. Doesnt seem like it will be a BIG problem. BUt still enough to aggravate me. (post to symptoms is in the troubleshooting forum)

My issue, is that the only place i can find to work on buelah is the actual dealer itself. Thats no great shakes, but I would prefer to shop around. The Honda place I can kinda understand. The 2-3 little independant garages that gave me a little "talking down to" when I mentioned that buelah is a zuki.... well to be honest pissed me the "fudge" off.

I mean hey, you don't want extra money.... Fine. I'm more than happy not being your customer. But if one more person today so much as hints at a snide superior tone with me, I'm going to bash their face through the nearest radiator. Had one of the jackholes tell me "If you rode a real bike you probably wouldn't be having this problem" followed by a little chuckle.

I'd like to go for a ride to cool down some. Unfortunately.....don't think I had better do that. Owing to the fact that there is the Potential for the front wheel to just stop turning. grrrrrrrrrr. Let me reiterate that. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 2:00 pm
by roscowgo
Whew. missed a few days there.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Boss was down floida way last week and left this monster list of "crap that she wants done that doesnt NEED to be done(TM)".

Rode two days last week. I think it was two. It's all kind of a blur at this point. I have a confession.... I don't have an actual permit. :oops:
For the time i've been doing street riding, .... say 5 years now. Wow. Didn't realize that either. My bike wasnt reliable enough to bother with an endorsement. Fixfixfixfix RIDE LIKE A CRAZYMAN Fixfixifixifixfix Ride ride ride .... Holy crap its on FIRE! Why is it on FIRE for gods sake? Anyway. Yes i'm a lazy rosco. I'll have jennifer beat me with something sticklike tonight.

Point of this little confession, is that I went to the DMV last week on lunch to do the test.... The one dry day we had. And i checked out the course before i even went in. Dry as a bone. I mean as dry as the eyes of the public on hearing goofball hiltons 45 days in the hole sentence. well lets just call her DMVemon, won't do the test. Because it rained YESTERDAY. Me being the glib smartalec that i am.... I didn't ask what the official federal guideline was on pavement drying. I would just about bet that they Do have one. And i also bet its at least 30 days. I've watched the tests. they take all of 10 minutes if you dont fall off the bike and have angry penguins swarming out of your pants legs. I love dealing with government officials.

Was having some trouble with bellerin buelah too, shuddery stops with the front brake, weird grinding/rubbing thing when turning right. Got some brake cleaner and scrubbed the everlovin snot out of the rotors. Seems to have fixed the shuddery stops. Removed the caliper.... one of the pistons has a small leak. Aha! methinks i know how the rotor got funky. It appears to be a very very very slow weep. No biggy. I can rebuild a caliper.

I'm worried about the grinding thing though. I'm gonna piddle around on it and take it easy, and keep my ear on it as much as possible. Maybe c50's do grind a little on right turns. The one front brake is on the right, And the speedo is right under it. lovely place to pick up some grime and road funk. (seems to be the consensus at volusiariders) If it stays the same i'll keep riding. otherwise ill go get it checked. Bother.

Whenever something goes wrong with one of my vehicles it absolutely destroys my confidence in it for awhile. I ride a constant rollercoaster of thinking, "I bet if i do it just right, I can talk this bike into wearing a tutu and laying golden eggs" to "Ah crap, if i get within 5 feet of it a weasel is going to come out and bash me on the head with a leftover haloween pumpkin"

And now for something totally different, was at a remote office today, waiting on someone to open the door and I notice a weird little bird. No clue about the type. But this lil sucker had a piece of fairly stiff plastic, rougly the same size it was. If someone or thing got close to its nest it would snatch this plastic up and rattle the crap out of it, instead of chirping and raising hell that way. A few feet away was a baby squirell on a long phone line. The squirell was terrified. Guess that was it's first outing. It was inching along and shivering..... everytime it moved this bird would snatch its piece of plastic and rattle the heck out of it. :laughing:

Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 2:20 pm
by blues2cruise
Good story.....but....there should be no noise on grinding, squeaking, rubbing or otherwise...Check the bearings, too.

Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 3:10 pm
by roscowgo
ShhhhhhHHHhhh Blues. If I pretend nothings wrong......Maybe it will fix itself.

I'm the cartoon ostrich of motorcycle maintenance :(

Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 3:19 pm
by blues2cruise
I'm the complete opposite. If I hear a new noise, I can't rest until I find it and fix it. For one particular squeak, I was at the dealer three times before they finally fixed it right. And even then it was because I had a message here on the forums telling me about a friend of I told the dealer to check has been good ever since....the splines had not been greased... :roll:

Don't let it go until it gets worse. Image


Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 11:15 pm
by Wrider
roscowgo wrote:Yes i'm a lazy rosco. I'll have jennifer beat me with something sticklike tonight.
Man, I hate to be the forum police, but this is a MOTORCYCLE forum, take that somewhere else! :laughing:
Anyway, sounds like you're having fun with everything. Best of luck getting the DMV idjits to give you your license...
Oh, and always remember, fire when camping = good, but fire when riding = bad, very bad... :wink: