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Rosco and the blogging thereof

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2007 7:44 am
by roscowgo
Hey all decided to start my own blog. Or as I like to think of it. Stop posting random threads doofus.

Rode to work again today. 25f today 27 yesterday. Brrrrr chilly neck. And I'm coming to the conclusion that all those avalanch shows on Discovery and the like are right. If you keep the torso warm, the rest of the body stays warm. My only special concession to the weather today was two pairs of socks. Yesterday i wore a light but very warm underjacket, my riding jacket with liner, etc..... wasnt a bit cold. Today i'm frozen. And more Feet are frozen. Though they werent yesterday. Eh practical hypothermia. :D

And now that my standard look what i did look what i did prancing is over.... I think i'll do a review of the bike.

05 Boulevard C50.

Bike is very comfy. When i can un-goofball myself long enough to remember to wear pants that will let me kinda sprawl out that is. For me If i can't kinda slouch down in the seat my tailbone recieves all my weight. And every bump in the road. A lil different from my katana, where the tighter in your knees are the more comfy you are. Otherwise nice wide saddle, Jennifer finds no issues with the pillion seat. Her only problem is doing the one legged hop-mount because she cant swing her leg up over her head to clear the sissy bar. I think i'm going to suit her up and putt around the mall parking lot a few times tonight. She's getting more and more anxious to ride, But now tells me that she's scared to learn how to actually ride the thing on her own. I'm giving her plenty of time and space to herself so she can come to grips with Wanting to do something silly like perch on a machine with only two little bits of rubber on the road and no seatbelts.

Performance wise.... Lovely bike. It's a v-twin so it does shake and twitch a little more than i'm used to. But it's all engine movement if you know what i mean. The frame and suspension feel very very solidly planted. The mirrors actually work. Though are a bit hard to adjust without a wrench. Turns great. Though i've been easing into working the rest of tire since its been way too cold to get the tires warm, and they're still new.... hence i want em plenty scrubbed. I do notice that counter steering is a bit delayed showing up on this bike. Maybe another 10-15 mph later than the kat.

The throttle response is.... well .....abrupt almost. It's a FI bike so i suupose having the thing want to start when its cold, and not having to deal with a choke are very well worth that. This being my first experience with alot of things on a bike, FI, shaft drive, water cooling, an actual cruiser, a V-twin instead of an I-4... that I'm sure it will take some getting used to. Seems to have no trouble taking me places that i would get in trouble for being. Scares elderly folk and small furry mammals with the god awfully (to me) loud pipes. I must say it Sounds nice, but i need some baffles. Must remember to take some good pics of the exhaust to see if any of yall can identify it.

That pretty much says all i wanted to say about it.

And now it's time to take my "make will dizzy for 24 hours pill" bye :D

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2007 8:22 am
by Koss
Sounds like you are having fun with the new bike! Awesome... and cool a new blog! Yay! :mrgreen:

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2007 2:41 pm
by roscowgo
Riding under the influence.

Lately I've been riding under the influence..... of Lisinopril. It's a blood pressure medication and it aint the bees knees. For the first month I was a touch lightheaded, then that went away and I was happily going around feeling better and operating normally.

In the past couple of weeks, it's started to come back. Light headedness. Dizziness. small loss of balance. And its driving me INSANE. I have an appointment next wednsday, hopefully will be switched to something new. Might need to park my beloved buelah for a week or so until i get used to it.
/sigh. anything is better than feeling like I'm living 4" out past the tip of my nose though. Eh maybe it'll be good news. The meds are workin too well. Actually that kinda makes sense to me. I skipped a dose to see if I would explode from the pressure, and felt pretty much perfect, for just about 24 hours. When i take the meds, i feel dizzy for just about.... 24 hours.

I find having to balance a want, (riding the everlovin Snot out of buelah), and a need, (continuing to live), to be a real real pain in the butt. Left to my own devices I'm quite sure i would pick feeling bad and riding buelah, over the right choice of trying to maintain my health.

I can attribute my right choice to one factor. My hopefully soon to be wife, Jennifer. She's the only one out of the two of us with any sense. And she won't put up with much silliness from me. :laughing:

So what about yall? Anyone else have to deal with Blood pressure and biking? Any weird medicationalisms that interfere with your day to day life? Crazy woman that beats you about the head with something blunt when you goof up and try not taking your pills? :D

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 2:48 pm
by roscowgo
I think I've gotten my med schedule ironed out. Since the only advice i can get from my nice friendly doctors nurses is.... come in for a visit sooner. :x . I skipped a day, then took it at the regular time...... small bit of dizziness. Took my bp this morning at about 6. 2 hours before the pill was due again.... 115/69. Well take me out behind the shed and call me sally. No wonder popping a lovely bp pill on top of that was making me lose my head. Schedule till dr day is gonna be one day on, 3/4 day off. And... I don't feel like I'm gonna pass out all the time. Woooohooo.

On to the biking goodness. Rain moving in today as predicted. windy as a church social over by old lady garland. Was feeling a bit er.... Spirited on the ride in this morning. Seeing as how i didnt have to scrape ice off of anything when i hopped on. I think i felt the back end want to do a little two-step of its own on a 30 mph curve. That was a touch unsettling.

I'm adjusting well to the vagaries of my new two wheeled darlin. Getting the gear on is developing an almost ritual. Have to put everything on in a certain order or i wind up trying to stuff my gloves up the sleeves of my jacket. A no good proposition seeing as how I'm not a 25 fingered orangutan with stretchy arms. I'm having fewer issues with my heel/toe shifter. Just have to kinda lead into putting my foot back on with the heel. Lord why did you have to give me clown feet? Ah well. at least I'm not my cousin Adam with the size 21's :laughing:

Happy riding :)

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 2:51 pm
by Wrider
Wow! And I thought I had big feet at size 14! What's your shoe size?

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 3:07 pm
by roscowgo
Just 13's here. But I went from a katana with pegs behind me, to the C50 with boards in front of me. The heel shifter is where my foot wants to go. I think it just likes hearing the bike try to pull out in second. And after i stall it in second, it likes to hear it try in third.

Adam is some weird freak of nature. We had a few fairly long and tall folks Going back past my grandmother and grandfather on that side. Up until him though we all tend toward the average and round category. I think at last measure he was about 6'8 or so. His brother Nathan is about my size at 5'10. It's kind of a Dirk pitt/Al Giordinoesqe thing around thanksgiving and christmas :D

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 3:41 pm
by Wrider
Wow, that's tall! You're not all that out of average though... No wonder the C50 fits ya! Believe it or not, it actually cramps me up to sit on it... I'd like to have gotten floorboards and rocker shifters, but my feet are too freakin big... :cry: :lol: How are you liking the new bike though?

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 7:23 am
by roscowgo
Oh its a hoot. this is my third week...think ive got something like 500 miles on it now. I'm starting to come to grips with her little idiosyncrasies.

I tell you The thing I think I appreciate most about her, is her mirrors. Mirrors that actually work are a true novelty to me. The old kat.... at their widest angle all i could see was blurred shoulders. On the 50 i can see traffic behind me and a portion of the lane beside me. Where have I heard thats a good thing before?

Oh, and It's nice to be able to do a quick over the shoulder without dislocating the top 15 vertebrea.

Has been wet here since yesterday morning. And I'm still jumpy about that little "wOoOoOoOo" feelin the rear end gave me on that curve. So I'm not riding relaxed. Thats always a pain. At least it wasn't a real pucker moment. More of a Hey....did that just happen? Probably should have commuted in the truck or with Jen this morning.

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 9:31 am
by Scoutmedic
Awesome blog. I wish my S50 was FI. Having to choke it every morning makes me want to choke!

Good thinking about your b/p med. I was going to ask if you'd checked your pressure when you felt dizzy or "out of it". My guess is your pressure was dropping dangerously low.

As for the wet roads, be happy it's not snow! Still snowing here off and on. :frusty:

Stay Safe!

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 1:42 pm
by roscowgo
Hey an almost ride report. cool.

Yesterday evenings commute home. In a word..... Horrible.

My shield was fogging up something terrible. Like I had a slobbering St. Bernard in the helmet with me. Oh did I mention I was riding in a plenty heavy rain/wind storm? Anyway. Bike itself handled everything from puddles to little road rivers with no problem.

What didn't do so well was me and my sinuses. I've never had sinus trouble. (Thank you Jesus.) Yesterday on my ride, There was one position where the wind wasnt making me tear up so bad I couldn't see, or the shield turning pure white. It just so happens this One setting..... Just Perfectly funneled a white hot tornado of wind directly down my nostrils and bounced it off the back of my sinuses. It was bad enough that I thought I was having a panic attack.

So I careened down the highway, being blown side to side by the gusts, alternatively crying my eyes out, Trying not to breathe, with what felt like termites eating my brain from the inside, during a monsoon, in traffic, and partially blind from either my glasses or my shield fogging up. PFUI.

Scout, yep. I Hate dealing with bp stuff. Going by "ear" so to speak instead of taking my meds every 24 hours i've bumped it to about every 36 hours. That seems to be working. I still have little bits of dizziness. Generally the standing up too fast, bending over too long kind. Though there is still a little bit there when i eat something. Which is freakin WEIRD to me. I dunno. I do know that i can cope with the greatly reduced effects until next wednsday now. I quit taking meds once before because of a similar problem. (young and dumb is my only excuse.) Can't remember the name now, but was a horsepill of a slow release nitrate. gave me a splitting headache for exactly 23 hours. Took that one for about 6 months. Doc refused to listen. Me being the hard headed idiot i am, I chucked it in a drawer and went on my way.

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 4:15 pm
by Scoutmedic
Unfortunately, you'll probably always have the dizziness when standing up quickly or bending over too long. Annoying side effects but, better than the side effects of a stroke or heart attack.

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2007 6:13 am
by roscowgo
Yep, that's roughly what i figured the score would be. And I'm not dissastisfied with it.

I don't Want another heart attack. The one they won't explain to me from when i was 19 was plenty mucho bad enough. And I most assuredly dont want a stroke /shudder.

I am a huge huge hypochondriac. To give you an idea, I've went on a diet lately. And lost a fair amount of weight. People tell me, Hey will we can tell, congratulations. My immediate and completely heartfelt mental reaction is to scream from inside my head. OMG I'VE GOT THE CANCER! RUN IN CIRCLES! RUN IN CIRCLES!!!!. :roll:

It's like living with a combination jerry lewis, guy with a "The End is Near" sign, and a quivering Chihuahua in my head.

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2007 8:25 pm
by blues2cruise
Your blog is enjoyable so far. :) You said hopefully, soon to be wife....have you actually asked her yet?

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2007 9:38 pm
by noodlenoggin
Cool blog, Roscow. I'm on Norvasc and hydrochlorothiazide for my bp, and haven't had a single light headedness or dizziness episode. Then again, I just run kinda borderline high without it, so it's more of a tweak, I guess.

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2007 1:49 am
by roscowgo
blues2cruise wrote:Your blog is enjoyable so far. :) You said hopefully, soon to be wife....have you actually asked her yet?
Yep sure have. She had some sort of momentary fuge and agreed. I rather susepct she thought i was asking for the salt.

No date yet though. Im straightening out some old bad credit choices. (Read that as young dumb and too harded headed to listen to other people). Then Ill be mr jennifer, or shell be mr Jennifer or something like that. its all kind of a haze.

Thanks noodle. Yours cracks me up everytime. mine comes bundled with the hctz too. I think it makes me act like a lawn sprinkler. but keeps my ankles down. eh fair enough trade. Mine was bad. as in the oh holy crap you Walked in here? how are you alive type.

It stinks trying to get myself to where i need to be before i see the doc. I get dizzy if i take it, i eventually get dizzy if i dont. Woke up light headed and generally frumpy saturday. Thinking "ohhh this is the second type of dizzy where i feel like my head is gonna pop" so i took my lil peach colored pill. spent saturday being a complete waste because of it. right around 8 or 9 this morning it wore off and ive felt right as rain all day.

It will settle down eventually. With a lil tweaking im sure we can get it nailed down. I really do credit Jen with saving my life. I do believe i was in a "eh whats the point" kind of mode. after meeting her i have something worth worrying about. When I think about the stupid stupid problems i Know ive caused for myself (and her if ive played my cards right)down the line by not taking care of this when it needed taking care of.... I just want to insert my right elbow into my opposite ear to stop up the airflow.

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2007 12:58 pm
by roscowgo
Idiot smacktardian drunk drivers.

Was sent to one of my remote offices yesterday. On my way there (was in the cage thankfully) was overtaken and passed by one of those rednecked up, 14' tall, tires bigger than my car dodges.

You know... a weiner extension.

Anyway. Followed this waste of space for almost 10 miles. in that time, he swerved over into the other lane, and off the road on our side too many times to count. swerved into the oncoming lane too many times to count. went around probably close to 100 blind curves on the Wrong side of the road. Managed to run not just his drivers side wheels off of the road on the ONCOMING LANE. But actually managed to get his passenger side tires off the road Five times. In 10 miles.

Yesterday was the first almost decent warm sunny day we've had in a while. And this is a nice tight set of twisties. Guy Had to be drunk. Else he was just displaying the Worst set of driving skills I've ever seen out outside of a frog given acid and asked to fly a space shuttle.

Anyone meeting this shining example of "shoulda been harvested for stem-cells" smackhead IDIOT. Woulda most likely been killed. And at the very least seriously injured. He never would have noticed a bike. And i doubt he would have even stopped had he hit someone.

Got to my remote office and called the cops, reported make/model/plate #. I hope they got him. I hope they took him out back and beat him till whatever goo he used for brains oozed out of his ear too.


Be safe people.

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2007 6:46 pm
by Shorts
Makes one pretty nervous when there are drunk folks you can spot in the daytime.

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2007 7:32 am
by roscowgo
Was around 11 am too.
Scary scary scary drivin.

And speaking of scary. I have what is the shortest, but quite possibly the funniest ride report ever.

Around 11 last night, Jen turns to me and says. I wanna ride. Take me for a ride. After seriously considering this proposition for a whole .004 seconds. I agreed and began gathering up gear. I don't have 2 sets, so i gussied and helped her put all the gear on, tightehed it up to the right degree etc....

aaaaaanyway. We just went about a mile down the road to the post office. Only I came back :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: We start off, and I make sure to take it easy. Extra smooth shifting, about 10 under the limit. We get to the post office and i yell back. Alright, we're stopped you can get off. (This is where I start to notice something has gone amiss. heh. hehehe.) A SPATE of cursing erupts behind me. References to my, and heh anyone who rides a bike sanity, probable family history, The lack of brain DNA...... And shes dismounting in one heckuva hurry.

By this point I'm having trouble holding the bike up for laughing. (Yes I know. laughing at a scared passenger on her first ride.... not good.) Anyway, In between death threats, talk of restraining orders, and a very compelling description of her recent conversion to rabid fundamentalist christianity..... I notice a set of very wide eyes, and a grin that just about knocks my visor off.

She proceeds to go diggin for post office keys. Still muttering. And sends me back up the road for a 2 wheeled times two conveyance. I ride up the road roaring laughter into my helmet. Manage to get buelah parked, strip off my gloves and coat and start haulin "O Ring" back in the car.

Jen comes bustling out, with a stack of mail in one hand. And an entire set of riding gear in the other. Sounding more than just a little like claire huxtible on a rant. Proceeds to let me know, that riding on a bike is "the most terryfying experience of my life. and you you crazy bastrd what the hell is wrong with you that you enjoy this?" "I knew you were crazy but i didnt think you were That crazy. You just get us home and take it easy, we'll get you some medication tomorrow to take care of this sweety."

Her description of the ride was something along the lines of "like watching a donkey eaten alive" and heh "I was so scared i wanted to "poo poo", but i couldn't, and i was so clenched up trying not to puke on your helmet, that i was stiff as a board." (she was actually a perfect pillion. no movement from her at all. I think what scared her, was an oncoming van went by us, and she's never experienced the air wash in person.) :laughing: :laughing:

After a bit of talking, and/or a few more threats on my life..... She said.... I'd probably do it again but i want 3 sets of armor all layered on, and 2 helmets. She also expressed that she would be more comfy actually piloting a bike, because of the control issues.

Oh that poor crazy girl...... i do love her so. hehe. Can't wait till she decides she has to go again. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2007 7:42 am
by Shorts
:laughing: You know, years from now she'll look back and laugh. By then she'll be riding her own 'cause she'll be infected with the craziness.

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2007 10:32 am
by Veda
Yeah, she'll totally be riding her own bike soon :laughing: