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28 June 2007

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 3:35 am
by slimcolo
Guess what, I actually found something to build dowel out of. An old tire iron. Almost right diameter, works after touch up with grinder. Got everything back together.

Out of gas and may need new battery,see if it will take charge, and I don't know about carb. (still trying to save the one that was on, actually off, in wreck)

Got gas and jump, started. (No noise from tranny.but just in N in garage) Then it fouled a plug. I'll wait till I got good light tomorrow, hungry anyway. Garage is a mess. Cool but humid tonite. Will ride tomorrow.

29 JUNE 2007

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 8:37 pm
by slimcolo
Played around trying to get carb to work on Sporty. Finally gave up and changed. Running good (a little hesitation but this is a newer carb and has no adjustment)

Rear brake is another story, you cannot ease on the brake with out it locking up. Probably pull wheel and clean soon.

Tranny seems to be ok, but I think speedo is reading way to fast. Other than that and the usual leaks, vibration, and noise on these older ones it seems ok.

Gotta remember this shifts RIGHT.

Here's a pic

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 8:51 pm
by blues2cruise
If you don't cut the grass, it will grow over the Sporty and then you won't be able to move it anyway :P
So save yourself the energy and quit working on it now. :laughing:

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 9:05 pm
by slimcolo
We have weeds that will come up 3-4 foot overnight after a rain. I lost the Panhead in the driveway last year (was about a foot on Friday over 4 Sunday). Could not see it except from the porch.

Weeds have been especially bad this year. (because of rains) In the back I have weeds only about a foot high. This has been an alkali/mud patch with nothing growing for the last at least 30 years.

Last year the farmer next door got 3 cuttings of hay. This year hes already got two and still have over half of season left. 4 maybe 5 cuts this year.

29 JuNE 2007

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2007 10:52 pm
by slimcolo
Well sporty barely made it home last night. These things were ment to compete with Triumphs, and they do, as many electrical problems as Lucas. New regulator and it's good to go. Was going to put on a solid state,but I had a mechanical one (actually 4) already.

And the brake problem was just a loose backing plate tie down bolt. Now it has typical sporty brakes. You can break the pedal before you will lock up wheel.

Still having trouble riding a right shifter after all these years. Forgot how bad these iron heads vibrate. And I gotta get springs under this seat, sit a little higher too. Get arse end of seat up so I don't want to slide off the back. Keep forgetting that I have turn sigs. Still don't think speedo is right.

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2007 1:13 am
by Johnj
This is why my XLCH is in the front room. :laughing:

02 JULY 2007

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 11:01 am
by slimcolo
Not much to write just about the heat. Too hot to ride. Friends want to go riding because its a "wonderful day" at over 100F. No way I got AC in truck. Better yet I am riding at night. Only put on around 75 miles last night before rain storm. DAMN And these are the same people that wouldn't ride with me a few months ago because it was too cold, only in the 50s and 60s. (they said it was too cold not me) I'll take cold over heat any day.

Tried to mow weeds today, was doing good till heat came up. Now the mower is vapor locking, and me too. Well I got all the weeds that are in the shade. It was already 86F at 0900. (last update on Weatherbug)

Guess I'll stay in and do quarterlies (taxes) today. Need new line for swamper in garage. The new line (put on last week) got caught in mower, now in 2 foot pieces.

04 JULY 2007

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2007 6:45 pm
by slimcolo
Got weeds mowed finally. Problem was that, overheating and thus vapor lock, was caused by crap clogging axial fan.

Next the sewer backed up again. I have no water proof gloves, so I ride to Home Depot and get some. On the way home I lose the gas cap and cannot find. arriving home I find an old tank with cap and install.

Drag out snake and root. Damn thing is heavy I can barely carry, about five foot at a time. When I am done with sewer I put wheels on the snake. No more carrying that pig!

Today (the 4th) go downtown for breakfast. Hardly any Cafes open.

After breakfast, I decide to go for a ride. I take the 74 Sporty and ride toward Guffey. The Chicken Shiit is today. They put a chicken in a box with numbered squares, and if it gets your square you win. Most festivities are over when I arrive. Hear last song by the band. (Happy Trails to You)

Talk to a few people and head back. Stop to take some pics but can't get camera to work. Damn thing works fine when I get home!

On the way back I hit reserve. 22 miles later is it but I am across the street from Yogi Bears' Campground. The sell me a gallon of gas for their mule. This bike will do 92 miles on complete tank inc. reserve. I don't know if this has a large (2.2) or small (1.9) tank.

Well now It starts to rain, still a couple of hours till fireworks. Got steaks marinating.

10 degree drop in temp while I wrote above!

06 JULY 2007

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 8:16 pm
by slimcolo
Well camera parts are on order. The door finally broke completely.The problem other day was batteries, Lithium was charged but didn't stay. Friend of mine has an old Virago for sale, he just got a Royal Star, I believe 650cc.

Spent yesterday working on the house door. I put on 60 miles today, all around town running errands. Only hiway I ran was the mile and a half to Wal Mart.

Yesterday gas went down from 3.14 to 3.09, cheapest its been in two months. Was 3.11 before last weekend and the Fourth.

should have more tomorrow.

07 JULY 2007

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 10:35 pm
by slimcolo
Took Sporty for a ride today. Hot around 95F. I gas up before leaving town. (39.8MPG all city)Went West on US 50 (One of my usual rides) Stopped at Cotopaxi for breakfast. (about 1600)

I stopped at Wellsville to take a break. Now looking like rain.

I'm thinking Hill Climb!

I then rode on to Salida. Some kind of celebration going on in the park, but I don't stop. I fill up, I'm not running out today. (44.44 MPG) I then take CO 291 up to US 24/285, and turn North. Take pics of Teeners along the way.

Ride on through Nathrop. Then stop at Johnson Village, have a burrito and a drink. Getting a lot cooler now. I put on my leather. Looking at back of bike.

Where the hell is my tail light lens? The corners with the screws are still there, thats all.

Looking really nasty to the North as I ride on up to Hartsel and gas up again. (45.0 MPG) Stop at the Bar/Cafe and have a cup of Joe. It's sprinkling when I leave, but I don't put on rain gear. I stop about 5 miles down the nine to don leather pants. Rain quits in another two but still cold. Still really cold at county line too.

I got a few pics of some Buffs on CO 9 between Guffey turnoff and Highpark turnoff.
look at the Buffalo calves.
Must be pretty tame, as they don't even look when I start bike. Cows, bulls or calves.

I hit US 50 and Head East. I make it home just before dark. And I didn't get pulled over for tail light or run out of gas. HA!

Odie working fine but speedo needle is still jumping. Have leaks developing at Primary, (this is so dinged up I didn't expect it not to leak) Oil fill cap pouring oil (needs new gasket) And got leak at lifter block (will try to tighten but gasket is most likely dried out and need replacing, remember that this bike sat for awhile) Still need to get the right carb on this bike. (this ride must have blown out a lot of carbon, bike is running alot better when I get home) Timing may be mentally challenged slightly, seems to run awful hot. Need to check points anyway. Tranny and electrical are doin good. Need new seat (foam is worn out)or at least springs or a hypo of novacaine in the old keister for a long ride on this bike.

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 11:18 pm
by blues2cruise
Looks like nice countryside. When I first read buffs I thought you had a typo for bluffs...then I realized you meant buffalo. :laughing:

Are they wild or on someone's ranch?

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2007 11:23 am
by slimcolo
Ranch, quite tame. I usually don't see the calves though. wanted closer pictures but they were on their side of fence and I on mine, and I respected that.
I saw a cow (wild Bison) attack a Jeep once. (turned it over) Idiot drove to close and scared her calf. But that was the larger plains bison, the mountain ones are smaller like cattle. The National Bison Refuge NP in Montana does not allow bikes or convertables for this reason, but they are "wild"

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2007 12:12 pm
by Wrider
Love that area to go riding in! When I get my new bike I'll contact you and we'll go riding together! The only thing I'm scared of with Buffs is Boulder... Danged hippies! :laughing:

10 JULY 2007

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 10:47 am
by slimcolo
Spent most of day cleaning garage. Still looks like disaster area, but most tools are put up.

Pulled Sporty in garage to fix leaks. Oil tank filler was just gasket. Leaking lifter turned out to be a cracked lifter block. Will see if I can find one locally today, If not I'll have to order.

Also found out about a Evo Sporty (running w/ clear title) for $2500. (of course its in Denver) Been trying to get in touch with owner for two days, all I have is Email address. Friend of mine will probably buy if we ever get in touch with seller.


Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2007 3:07 am
by slimcolo
Not much again. Sporty for sale was sold before I got a hold of the guy. Still haven't ordered parts yet. Riding the Black BMW again. (tonight) Last two days heavy rain and hail, drove truck. Expected the same today so used truck to go to Pueblo, you know it no rain.


Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2007 7:06 pm
by slimcolo
Rode by the Creekside show. Poster said 9am-4pm. They were just about packed up (vendors, band everything) at three. About eight bikes in parking lot. Been to bigger BBQs in back yards. 97F then, but the problems were too high of entrance fees and poor advertisement. Also same day as the Lady's run in Fairplay.


Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 11:02 pm
by slimcolo
Well about half hour ago tried a firefox update now I have no firefox, back using IE. yesterday trouble with AOL.

Got parts on order for Sporty. Might be here Friday or Saturday, but probably Monday.

Yesterday I pulled in the 82 Postie and changed the fork seal. (The new one has been sitting on my kitchen table for about a month and a half) as I work and live at the same place I rode to Cafe for breakfast then Rode to Work. (home) If it's fixed now I need to get the 81 running again. (sitting since 27July2005, when I broke my knee)

First I weld op the broken blinker light mount. After installing new battery, I kick and kick.....nothing. Try to push start.....nothing. Pull plug and prime into cyl..........Bingo Try to roll out of garage and 1/2 way out it just stops. A bungee is wraped around brake drum. Takes me for ever to get out but I save bungee and don't cut. (like I don't have like 50 hanging on the wall) Now comes our rain and lastes for about four hours. I'll ride it tomorrow. I now have two licenced and running 110 Step Thrus. Got everything done to 81 in 45min. (not sure if I'll hunt this year but their ready)


Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2007 1:20 am
by slimcolo
Got email Thursday and parts ordered for Sporty on Monday weren't shipped till Thursday. We have had afternoon or evening rain for last week. (flooding downtown and in Pueblo)

Spent most of Thursday with plumbing problems. Friday doing paperwork, then Saturday on the computer, had to do sys. restore and redo all settings.And reload all programs. (Firefox is working now) Took 3 hours to reload Norton. Missed the whole day of riding. was going to go riding tonite but can't find knee brace.


Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 3:11 am
by slimcolo
Due to family emergency I haven't ridden in last few weeks. (I had to go out of town with truck not bike, and no internet access) Sturgis starts tomorrow and I am still not sure if I will be able to go. (choice of four bikes capeable but bike problems are not an issue)
Had some pics to add but seem to have lost my image hosting (boschnetwork) This goes for older images with bosch already in blog. Hopefully only a temp. problem.
Well I did get one pic to work (different image hoster) this is John, one of my old riding buddies from when I lived in Springs 20 years ago, He rode a Yamaha then. This was taken Thursday (02 AUG 2007) Its a 1947 Chief (74ci) with a fresh motor (about 200 miles)
(I removed URL when no longer worked) Slim 03 Sep 2007
(man that's a long URL)
John bought this bike from Don (see earlier posts) about 17 years ago. (I didn't have money to buy it myself or would have a year before John) It spent one winter in my garage when John didn't have a garage. He had it running but seized motor in 2005, and now has it rebuilt and running again.

01 Sep 2007 STURGIS

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 1:21 pm
by slimcolo
Well It's been a while but here is the recap of Sturgis, but having problems with pictures.

Hauled 74 Sporty up to South Dakota because a friend who lives there was going back with an empty space on his trailer. He lives in Faith 101 miles North of Sturgis. Special thanks to members of the CMA (Christian Motorcycle Assn.) who were set up with ice cold bottles of water at most rest stops along the way.

Coming through Sturgis traffic is really down from last year. Upon stopping at the Velodrome, we learn that Sam has still not recovered from a wreck in Daytona, so there was no female rider at the Dome this year. And Charlie don't ride. We arrive, in Faith on Tuesday morning around 0100. Spend Tuesday unloading truck (2 bikes/trailer and 1100# of sweet corn,melons and cantaloupe) and relaxing.

Wednesday we pack up bikes and head to Sturgis. So here I am crossing the plains at 104 F. We are both carrying water but I do not have any sunscreen. (not a good situation for a redhead, I will pay for this for the next week) Takes a while to get there as my friend's bike will only do about 50. (nothing wrong, max speed is 60, on the flat for his 741)

Sturgis is really lame this year. (some say off by 40-50 per. cent) We stay at Manhaven, which is great except for the driveway that is more than a 45 degree climb w/ loose rocks and gravel, real fun in the dark.

Spend the rest of Wednesday and Thursday checking out stuff in town. Meet some of the people that I see every year. Thursday we go to the White Plate Flat Trackers breakfast at the short track. Also go through the Motorcycle Museum. Really to hot to do anything before about 1900, unless It's inside.

On Thursday night we go to the Full Throttle. They have Jackel playing. Their lead singer spends about 10 min. between songs plugging Sthil chainsaws, Dodge trucks and Budwieser. Did see some "lightbulbs" here but not many.

Friday I ride over to visit some friends in Galena, South of Deadwood. Do some other riding around before heading back to Sturgis.

On Saturday we are finally loaded and ready to go by about 1330. The ride back to Faith is rather uneventful. Will have details of ride home to Colorado in next post!
I cannot believe the prices they are charging, even compared to last year. (this includes the Dakota mart as well as the vendors) Up to $4 for a 16 oz water on Main Street.

One Eyed Jack's saloon started a NO-Colors policy this year. This included not only 1%ers like the Hells Angles but any group colors including the CMA and other Christian groups as well. So next year remember to boycott One Eyed Jacks for their discriminatory policies. There are plenty of other places ready and willing to take your money! (Knuckle, Sidehack, Broken Spoke, Gunners, Oasis...ETC)

John Walsh from America's Most Wanted was in Sturgis pretty much bad mouthing bikers especially 1%ers. The city went all out for him allowing his team to run cables across streets and block intersections with his camera. No one else, even press, was allowed to do this in order to film, including the local (Rapid City) TV stations.

Also in attendance were Robby Knevel, and Dale Jr.

Tuesday after the rally the Full Throttle Saloon was raided by the feds. Details were sketchy but seems to be tax related.