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Re: The Blog of Blues

Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 12:10 am
by blues2cruise
Wow! I have been at my sister's doing childcare. She and her partner went to Vegas for a wedding so I was at home with the ten year old boy. I had forgotten how labour intensive kids are. This kid was particularly challenging because he was so angry at not being able to go with his parents. It's exhausting being with someone who is rude, angry, argumentative and uncooperative.
Consequently I never got time to deal with my pictures.
Then my sister and her partner got home...but my sister came home with a back problem....went into spasm...and has been out of I have still been getting my nephew up in the morning and off to school...and taking care of my sister during the day.

This evening I finally got a chance to at least get my pictures into one folder. Then had to go on the internet to find out how to resize the images.

Here is one....

Re: The Blog of Blues

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:47 am
by blues2cruise
I haven't been around very much since I retired and moved at the end of June. Being a vagabond makes it a challenge to keep up with anything. I have now been in one place for almost 2 weeks. My laptop is up and running and now I can access it and the internet easily.

I know that this photo show I am showing you doesn't have anything to do with make it official about is an image I took in Watson Lake, Yukon.
around the world bike trip.jpg
I asked these people if I could take their picture. They were happy to have me do it. They were from the Czeck Republic and were riding around the world. I saw them again at a couple of other campsites. They were making their way to Vancouver.

Now...The photo show is 3 minutes long. All pictures are mine. All taken in November. All in British Columbia. ... vember.mp4

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Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:50 am
by blues2cruise
And one picture for good measure....also in November.
Nice to see you.jpg
Those who know me, know that I love horses. So, of course I had to stop and ogle. The horses seemed happy for a visit because they came over to the fence for some patting.

Re: The Blog of Blues

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:21 pm
by blues2cruise
I have now experienced towing...albeit a small was 6 x 12.

I need a bit more practicing with backing...but for a first time...was ok.
1480291263728.jpg (61.68 KiB) Viewed 7258 times
Then....on my back after dropping off the trailer....there was snow on the Coquihalla. I pulled off into the bus and truck rest stop...because it is big and there were no other vehicles there. I got to do some donuts in the snow and practice hard braking and acceleration. Tired both rear wheel and 4 wheel drive. It's good to know how your vehicle and tires handle in snowy conditions.
1480360489645.jpg (21.13 KiB) Viewed 7258 times
The sun came out and I had a sunshiny drive the rest of the way to Shuswap Lake...well...except for the fog patches....

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Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:42 pm
by blues2cruise
It was minus 8 here today. And windy that the lake has waves that make it sound like the ocean.

I picked today to go prune a couple of apple trees. Of course it did not occur to me when I set off that the wood of the branches would be frozen. :roll:

I worked at it for a while until my arm muscles knew they had been working.

The place where I am staying for the winter has a small very old orchard at the back of the property. It takes about ten minutes to walk through the forest to it. The bears are hibernating right now....otherwise I might not feel inclined to go up there by myself. There is scat up there left over from the autumn feasting of apples. ..
The Forgotten Orchard.jpg
In the forgotten orchard..jpg

Re: The Blog of Blues

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 1:44 am
by blues2cruise
There has been plenty of snow...for a few weeks it was a few inches every couple of days....I was able to keep up with the shoveling.
But then...we got about 12 inches in 20 hours....
Fortunately a neighbour with a cat and 8 ft. bucket came and cleared that big dump of snow for me.

The temperature averages from zero to minus 8....but for a couple of weeks it went down to minus 18.

I don't mind the cold. I don't mind the snow. I didn't expect how dirty it would be. The road maintenance company spreads a lot of sand ... which is actually more like gravel some of the pieces are so big. Then of course as vehicles drive through it the roads are just one big slushy, sandy, muddy mess.

Hmmmm....I resized my pictures but a box comes up telling me the files are too large. Things have changed here so I need to go find out.

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Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 1:22 am
by blues2cruise
The driveway at the back of the house
back resized.jpg
back resized.jpg (155.73 KiB) Viewed 5047 times
The driveway from the side of the house looking down to the road.
driveway resized.jpg
driveway resized.jpg (102.84 KiB) Viewed 5047 times

Re: The Blog of Blues

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 2:31 pm
by blues2cruise
We are in the middle of a blowing and snowing winter system.
I have snowshoes with me so I use them to go on walkabouts with the neighbour's dog. I am looking after the dog while they are on vacation.
I have taken the dog beach walking and trail walking up into the woods and just simple walks to the mailbox and back..the mailbox is approximately a km away.
I have made sure not to stay out too long because I don't want the dog's paws to freeze...a couple of times I have noticed she starts lifting a paw and licking it while we were out so I know it's time to go in.

As far as the dog owners are concerned they said I could let her out in the morning, feed her twice a day and let her out at night. I told them I would take her out for walks as I had been doing before they left. It was my idea to take the dog for walks so that the dog got to know me before they left. I have looked after other people's dogs before and I know that a dog will pine for its owner.
The first couple of days I know this dog was very confused. She was happy to go for walks though. Tail wagging and nose to ground sniffing everywhere. I keep her on the leash when we walk on the road, but once we get to the beach or up in the woods, I let her off leash. I'm sure she walks three times as much as I do on these walks. She runs ahead and then runs between the sideways forays.

Lately with so much snow I brought the dog to the house where I am house sitting. Only 2 house away. I thought it might be nice for the dog to be outside and have company while I shovel snow.


At first she was happy enough sniffing around the property. And when I lost sight of her, I would whistle and call and she would come back. Then she didn't come back. After an hour I put on my snowshoes and went in search of her. I found her cavorting with the neighbour's dog up in the meadow behind the property here. They made me give chase but I got her on the leash and brought her back.
She is not my dog and I sure don't want anything to happen while the owner's are gone.

Yesterday....another big I brought the dog over while I shoveled snow. I had already taken her out beach walking . Once again she was being good and came back when I called and whistled...but then she was gone for a while and didn't come back. I had a feeling she had hooked up with the neighbour's dog again. I carried on moving snow around but when it started to get late, I began to worry. I asked the he hadn't seen them...but then he lets his dog run loose all day.
I got my snowshoes and poles and went in search. I hiked up to the meadow twice...walked along the roadway in both in my truck and drove the road was dark.
I went to the neighbour but his dog wasn't home yet. He was not concerned at all and said he'd bring the dog over when they got back.
Eventually to dog came back on her own. I heard barking at the back door....she had been gone for 4 hours. I was so relieved.
Her paws and legs were covered in snowballs. Her tail had snowballs stuck all over...Her belly had snowballs...
I put her on the leash and took her to her house. I made her sit inside the door so snow wouldn't get tracked inside. I filled her food bowl and brought it to her. She must have been soooo hungry. Usually when I put the food in she looks at it and walks away...BORING...but she gobbled this down in a hurry.
I left her to rest and lick her self.
A couple of hours later I went back to let her out for night time pee. She was curled up and didn't want to move. I encouraged her to go so I could go back to my place and go to bed myself.
So...this morning when I went over to let her out and fill her food bowl...she didn't want to get up. When she finally did get up she was moving so slowly and it looked like she was limping. I think she really overdid it yesterday. She did not want to go outside. I pulled on her collar to get her outside, She went out just far enough to "go" and came right back. She ate and them resumed her curled up place on her blankets.

I know the experience won't teach the dog a lesson....because at the first opportunity she would go off to play with the other dog.
I, however, learned a lesson. From now on when I'm working outside...the dog stays tied up.

Re: The Blog of Blues

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:52 pm
by NorthernPete
Dogs are definitely creatures of opportunity. Lol

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Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:52 pm
by blues2cruise
It is snowing again where I am. I should have known better than to polish the chrome on my truck.

The road maintenance trucks use so much sand and salt and don't plow very get so sloppy and dirty. The crud from the road sprays up so much it seeps into the crevices of the door jams and tailgate. Yesterday I also washed the inside of the truck bed and in the rubber seals...and inside all the doors. What can I was a sunny day.
Then it snowed.

I have been pondering getting another motorbike once I leave here. I'll be going two hours south to live in a month and in theory it won't be snowing anymore.

It has crossed my mind to maybe get a bike with a sidecar. Then if I go on any road trips it can carry plenty of gear.

The delinquent dog from next door came over today while I was out shoveling snow. I'm not a "dog person" but they seem to like me. I was tossing snowballs for him. He is a very large dog and I didn't mind playing with him for a bit, but he started to get rough. When he jumped up he was as tall as I. He got so rambunctious I had to stop.
I'll try to get a picture.
I'm supposed to be driving to the lower mainland tomorrow. If this snow keeps up, it will be a slow drive.

Re: The Blog of Blues

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:05 pm
by blues2cruise
The dog I was looking after. Lily
Lily little.jpg
Lily little.jpg (41.95 KiB) Viewed 4615 times
The dog that kept following me on my hike to the Enderby Cliffs. Tyson. The owner kept calling him but he wouldn't go home.
Tyson little.jpg
Tyson little.jpg (36.3 KiB) Viewed 4615 times
The neighbour dog Diesel who I call the juvenile delinquent. He was who led Lily astray up into the snow covered hills. He is the one who came to visit me today.
Diesel little.jpg
Diesel little.jpg (58.89 KiB) Viewed 4615 times

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Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:10 am
by blues2cruise
Life has a way of constantly evolving...and then throwing us sideways.

My retirement from the workplace has been going ok. I enjoyed the winter months at Shuswap Lake. I am one of those weird people that actually likes snow.
I spent considerable time shoveling snow to keep the driveway clear. If I got to the task soon after the snow fell, it was easy enough. The snow in the Shuswap region is lightweight and fluffy.
However...if the neighbour got to it with his quad and bucket before I could, it got difficult to clear the driveway. It got compacted and icy. So, if I heard him start up his quad, I'd go outside and get some done while he was taking care of his own driveway and yard.
I am not uploading pictures this time because of the new format of the site. It will only take very small files and it would mean going and re-sizing and re-naming every image I want to share.
You can picture in your mind 4 inches of snow daily. Then 8 inches of snow overnight. Then 4 inches. Then 12 inches in a day. plan was that once I was finished house sitting at Shuswap Lake I was to go to Merritt, BC. Two hours south of Shuswap and only 3 hours north of Vancouver. I have a friend there who asked me to go be a room mate. I said I would try.
Well...developments happened that weren't in the picture when I agreed.

My friend who has the house in Merritt goes away every winter. While away he messaged me to tell me that some long time friends of his had sold their house near Vancouver and were moving to Merritt. They were going to stay at his house until they found a new house. So, on February 28 I drove to Merritt to meet them, give them keys and show them around the house.
BIG problem for me...the husband of the couple smokes. The son and D-I-L who came to help them also smoke. Even though they smoke on the back deck, it drifts in. I stayed overnight because they had arrived so darn late. It would have been foolhardy for me to drive back to Shuswap in the dark with the icy roads.
In the morning I helped them unload their truck and then left.
Fast forward to two weeks ago. I arrive in Merritt with anticipation of building a garden, joining the local photography club and getting a new library card. I knew the couple were still there but thought I could handle it.
They weren't moving out until July 1. That was 2-1/2 months away.
The day after I arrived I got work in the garden patch just below the deck. Well...that's where the guy smokes...a lot...frequently..and of course he decided to come chit chat. .That ended my gardening.
I set up a table and chairs outside away from the deck and down on the ground...well..he started going to smoke outside the basement door. I went to my room.

I am seriously allergic to smoke. I developed a terrible cough after only a few days at the house. I was short of breath and could hear wheezing in my chest. I started taking my afternoon tea to the front porch because nobody was out there.

The other thing I hadn't counted on was the influence of his friend. His friend also smokes dope. So, my friend also was smoking dope outside the basement door..OMG that stuff reeks. I don't use drugs. Never have. I don't care if someone else wants to use...but not around friend wasn't using at the time I agreed to come to Merritt. To top it off...his friend is a very heavy user of alcohol. My friend started drinking too...he was getting shitfaced...which meant he was loud, obnoxious and rude.
And speaking of rude....he had developed a habit of belching and farting....loudly and often...Whatever happened to dignity and good manners?
In the 8 nights I was there I managed only one night of decent sleep.

I was sliding into an anxiety attack and back into depression before I gave myself a swift kick in the butt. I secured a storage locker and moved all my belongings to the storage locker. That way once I decide what my next move is, it will be easy to get it without any discomfort.
Fortunately I had a commitment for a few weeks that got me out of there. I am currently in the lower mainland (Vancouver area) house sitting for three weeks. Then I will go visit my mother. She actually has admitted for the first time ever...that she needs some help. I'll spend a week helping get the house and yard spruced up and then I'll go to Vancouver Island to visit my long time friend for a week. She and her hubby bought a new house and she is excited to show me.
I was feeling somewhat shell shocked by the turn of events in Merritt, but I'm starting to think and work on what's next.

The 2 men at the house are 67 years old. It's like my friend regressed to being an adolescent.
They will never read this because neither of them have ever been involved in motorcycles and one of them does not go on a computer...ever...and my friend can barely manage Facebook.

I'll see what other house sitting arrangement I can find...otherwise...ROAD TRIP. :D :D

Re: The Blog of Blues

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:08 pm
by pchast
I'm glad you are out of there. I understand.
That is one of my problem allergies too.

Re: The Blog of Blues

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:01 pm
by Gummiente
Sending hugs your way, girl.

Re: The Blog of Blues

Posted: Mon May 01, 2017 4:46 pm
by blues2cruise
Thanks pchast and gummiente. I'm working on "what next"....just can't make up my mind right now. I have a stupid cold and it makes my thinking foggy.

The saga of my truck also continues.....I took my truck to the dealer where they were supposed to install new wheels and tires at cost and no charge installation. They needed to redeem themselves. In a show of good faith, I left the winter wheels and tires in their storage.

As I was driving over the bridge the onboard computer told me to check the tire pressure system. OK..I pressed a few buttons to look at the I got to the other end of the bridge I saw another big dealer of the same brand and went in there to inquire. They also happen to have an express lane for oil changes...for which the truck was due but the other dealer who did the tires didn't have time to do. Yes, that is a terrible sentence.
So...they did the LOF and checked the tire pressure. They said the tire pressure was out a bit...but also...the sensors from the 2017 wheels they put on my 2013 truck don't work.
I sent yet another message to the other dealer....
Me...I know you think I am a whiner....but why-oh-why-oh why can't things get done right? Why wasn't this checked before they gave me back my truck?
Salesguy- I will look into it. Sorry.
Me...Thank you
Salesguy phoned...they are ordering the correct sensors and charge to me. The dealer will cover the cost. Salesguy went to manager and got it approved...cuz salesguy knows the company has screwed up.
Me...thank you.

It should be noted that the salesguy is not responsible. He has responded to my messages because the manager could not be bothered. The salesguy is going above and beyond to help me. IMO the manager and the service department have fallen short of normal expectations.

Tomorrow the salesguy will receive a case of Budweiser from me as my thank you. (I phoned and asked the reception to find out what the salesguy liked)

I honestly don't like having to keep bug them...but how else will it get done?

Re: The Blog of Blues

Posted: Mon May 01, 2017 8:02 pm
by pchast
Its the only way. Keep the pressure on.
Nice reward for your advocate. :)

Re: The Blog of Blues

Posted: Tue May 02, 2017 10:35 pm
by blues2cruise
I got to the dealership today at the appointed time. They told me 1-1/2 to 2 hours. I finally got my truck back 3-1/2 hours later. Apparently it had been ready but the service person had gone for lunch...sheesh...she couldn't have told someone to call me....I was sitting in their customer lounge in eye sight of the desk.

To top things off...when I got there this morning, I went to where the good salesguy would normally be. Of course the others around thought I was bringing them the beer. I said, unless your name is Bill Jones and you're "this tall"...not for you. They told me Bill retired. At first I thought he was joking...nope. He said it was quite sudden. I guess so...he was there yesterday but not today.
His friend and co-worker was there and said he would make sure Bill got it. I wrote a note of thanks and stuffed it into the box of beer.
The only time the manager has ever made contact was last year when I wrote a lousy review on Dealer Rater. When you consider how many other dealers there are of this same brand, it's stunning they don't make any effort. That manager knew I was coming in for the proper sensors. He was the one who approved the order and no charge to me. Ya think he could have at some point made an effort to apologize for all the inconvenience.
Now....except for getting my winter tires out of storage when the time comes...I am done with this dealer. It will be easy to get any required services done at other dealers.

Now that the truck is taken care of....I need to figure out what next.....

I stopped in at Holeshot today and sat on a bunch of motorcycles. There's a nice 650 V-Strom there...ready for adventure. :D

Re: The Blog of Blues

Posted: Sat May 27, 2017 8:01 pm
by jstark47
blues2cruise wrote:
Tue May 02, 2017 10:35 pm
I stopped in at Holeshot today and sat on a bunch of motorcycles. There's a nice 650 V-Strom there...ready for adventure. :D
As long as you fit it (they're relatively tall), go for it, you won't be sorry. Don't worry about the relatively small displacement motor. Unless you're riding two-up going up mountains, they have plenty of power. Great all-around bike, and tons of farkles and aftermarket support available, too.

Re: The Blog of Blues

Posted: Sat May 27, 2017 8:21 pm
by blues2cruise
Jstark...I'm also relatively tall. 😀

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Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:27 pm
by blues2cruise
I haven't been here for a while. I was looking at motorcycles but got sidetracked by a bunch of different things.

My sister and her partner asked me if I could come to their place for the summer to help with child care. I have been here since the beginning of July. There are days when I wish I had said no...who knew 11 year old boys could be such a$$hole$. I will be here until after Labour Day at which point I will dog sit for a relative for a few days and then and free of all family commitments. :kicking:

In the meantime I have also been painting the interior of a friend's house. The aforementioned nephew went to scout camp for a week and then on family vacation with his parent for 2 weeks. I have been able to go painting during those times.
The painting job turned out to be much bigger than I realized. If I had known how bad the walls were, I might have said no.
There were so many holes in the walls that needed to be filled and sanded. Some of the holes were like craters they were so large. Other parts of some walls had some junk stuck on with double sided foam tape. That was very difficult to remove and caused a lot of damage to the gyprock. It took a lot of work and time to repair.
So far I have painted 2 bedrooms, 3 closets, 1 bathroom, living room, dining room, hallway, family room. I still need to do the baseboards. The husband is a procrastinator. He does not help much and gets around to stuff eventually. I have had to help them move furniture and tear out the old carpets. I had to wash all the walls.
I have done so much cutting in and rollering that my hand hurts. A double dose of vitamin I helps. :D
Next week the nephew is gone to a YMCA kids camp so I will put on a big push to get this job done.

After the dog sitting, I am scheduled to go house sit for a few weeks while the owner tries to sell the house. He had rented it out, but the renters broke their lease and are leaving early. The owner lives in another city 4 hours away. He decided not to rent it out again, but to sell it instead. In order to keep the insurance valid he needs someone in it. It is about an hour or a bit more from Vancouver on an acre. It will be so nice and quiet for me. It will be a nice change after living in my sister's family's house for 2 months. It is at times quite chaotic here.
While I am on my own, I will make more effort to find either another long term house sitting arrangement or find my own next place to live. Right now I just don't have time to go look at anything.