2011 Triumph Bonneville T100 - VOTED: AWESOME

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Re: This Week: 2011 Triumph Bonneville T100 - VOTE NOW

#21 Unread post by sunshine229 » Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:50 am

I voted Cool.

I love the classic look of this bike, it doesn't get much better. But I would rather see it higher horsepower to make it more awesome for me.
Andrea :sun:

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Re: 2011 Triumph Bonneville T100 - VOTED: AWESOME

#22 Unread post by QuietMonkey » Sat Sep 10, 2011 8:30 pm

missed the votes, but it's a "meh" for me too.

this styling doesnt do much for the soul... i would have to say it is too bland: lame flat seat, ugly straight low-slung, peashooter exhaust style, vertical twin engine styling... etc. very utilitarian, and not much artistry in the styling of the mechanicals, but the shapes and colouring of the bodywork is sort of showing some intent. Very British characteristics for sure... just not ones that have much passion... just porridge :-)

it's interesting to hear that they have lots of aftermarket stuff available, as i wouldnt have expected too much for these puppies compared with other brands.

perhaps as a platform to build something cool it'd be nice... a dirt tracker or cafe racer, which is why these bikes no longer exist because the customers built something better: more focused; and the manufacturers followed suit... cruisers, sportbikes/racers, scramblers/trials. etc.. and 25 years later we have more variety and cooler bikes, even though for awhile a solid "standard" was hard to find, we now have nicer naked standards and sport bikes ... but retro is hard to balance against modern expectations. It reminds me mostly that the new Norton Commando 961 is a sweet bike, and the Triumph Speed Triple and Street Triple, plus Ducati's Monster and later naked stuff.
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