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#351: 2018 Ducati Panigale V4 - Coolness Factor = 81.8%

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:30 am
by totalmotorcycle
2018 Ducati Panigale V4 on the Total Motorcycle Cool Wall

For MORE information and Photos click here: ... -v4-review





A bike that begins an exciting new chapter in the Ducati story, a new “symphony” of all-Italian performance and emotion. The Panigale V4 is the first mass-produced Ducati bike to mount a four-cylinder engine, derived directly from the MotoGP Desmosedici. It’s a concentrate of Ducati technology, style and performance. With an engine displacement of 1,103 cm3, 214 hp and a power/weight ratio of 1.1 hp/kg, this bike sets a new standard in the supersport production bike segment.

The Panigale V4 replaces the iconic 1299 at the top of the Ducati supersport range, doing so by enhancing performance and ridability so that riders of all skill levels can enjoy boundless fun and excitement. The Panigale V4 has been developed in close collaboration with Ducati Corse, drawing directly on know-how and technology from the racing world to provide a road bike that is the closest thing possible to its MotoGP counterpart.

The outstanding performance of the Panigale V4 is underlined by a completely new design which, while it follows on from that of the supersport bikes that preceded it, now even more effectively transmits the power and essentialness of Ducati racing bikes. The Panigale V4 name combines the alluring “Panigale” tag with the “V4” designation that marks the break with the past, indicating the start of a whole new era for the Bologna-based bike manufacturer.

The new Ducati supersports family consists of the Panigale V4 – the essence of the new sports bike – and the Panigale V4 S. The latter mounts Öhlins suspension featuring the Smart EC 2.0 system with a new adjustment interface and top-drawer components such as forged aluminium wheels and the lithium ion battery. Completing the range is the exclusive Panigale V4 Speciale, a numbered, limited-edition bike with a dedicated livery, titanium exhaust and machined from solid components.

The philosophy followed by the Panigale V4 development team mirrors the approach taken by Ducati when developing a racing bike: total integration of engine, chassis and rider. To achieve that goal MotoGP-derived technology has been employed. Development has involved Ducati Corse technicians and riders, making the Panigale V4 a production sports bike that comes close to being a MotoGP prototype, built for both excellent on-track performance and outstanding on-road ridability.

The Desmosedici Stradale engine is a 90° V4 with Desmodromic timing, just like the Desmosedici GP from which it also takes an 81 mm bore (the maximum allowed by MotoGP rules). This has been combined with a longer stroke than that used in racing (giving a total displacement of 1,103 cm³) to boost low-to-mid rev torque and reduce maximum revs so that the power is easier to handle. The new Ducati engine puts out a maximum of 214 hp at 13,000 rpm, making the Panigale V4 the most powerful bike in the segment, yet easy to handle thanks to a torque of 12.6 Kgm at 10,000 rpm. Despite such outstanding performance, the Desmosedici Stradale has long maintenance intervals, with valve clearance inspection only necessary every 24,000 km.

The Panigale V4 engine is the only one in the sports segment with a 90° V configuration. It’s also the only engine to use technology such as the counter-rotating crankshaft and twin pulse ignition. These solutions have a positive impact on bike dynamics, making it more agile during changes of direction, fast and stable on the straight and ensuring easier out-of-the-corner torque handling.

The already high power of the standard Desmosedici Stradale configuration can be boosted to 226 hp by mounting the all-titanium racing exhaust, made by Akrapovič as per Ducati Corse specifications.

To contain the inevitable weight gain with respect to the 1299 Panigale (because of the 4 cylinders) Ducati has developed an all-new frame where the Desmosedici Stradale itself has a load-bearing function. Called Front Frame, it’s more compact and lighter than a perimeter frame and uses the engine as a stressed chassis element. This solution ensures the right torsional rigidity for on-the-edge riding and gives riders outstanding “feel”. The Front Frame has allowed the designer to create a bike that is slender in the tank-seat merge zone: this, together with seat/handlebar/footpeg triangulation, ensures perfect bike-rider integration. Together with meticulous design and the use of light materials, the new frame keeps the kerb weight of the S and Special versions down to 195 kg. This weight, combined with the 214 hp, means a power/weight ratio of 1.1 hp/kg, putting the Panigale V4 S at the top of the sport bike segment.

The Panigale V4 doesn’t just set new performance standards. Thanks to the potential of the six-axis Bosch inertial platform, a latest-generation electronics package with some previously unseen features defines new active safety and dynamic vehicle control standards in all riding situations. The Panigale V4 introduces controls such as controlled drift during braking, ABS Cornering on the front wheel only thanks to a set-up specially designed for track riding and Quickshift Up & Down with a strategy that takes lean angles into account. All these controls – developed on the track together with official Ducati riders and test riders – are incorporated in the three new Riding Modes (Race, Sport and Street) and can be adjusted via the advanced TFT panel that makes the Panigale V4 the highest-tech bike in the category.

Colour Ducati Red with grey frame and black wheels

Main standard features
o New Desmosedici Stradale engine, 1,103 cm3
o New “Front Frame”
o Cast Magnesium alloy front sub frame
o 43 mm Showa Big Piston Forks (BPF), fully adjustable
o Sachs monoshock, fully adjustable
o Sachs steering damper
o Latest-generation electronic package with 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (6D IMU): ABS Cornering Bosch EVO; Ducati Traction Control EVO (DTC EVO); Ducati Slide Control (DSC); Ducati Wheelie Control EVO (DWC EVO); Ducati Power Launch (DPL); Ducati Quick Shift up/down EVO (DQS EVO); Engine Brake Control EVO (EBC EVO)
o Buttons for quick level shifting
o Riding Modes (Race, Sport, Street)
o 16 litre aluminium tank
o 5″ full-TFT dashboard
o Full-LED headlight with DRL
o Two-seater configuration kit
o Braking system with new Brembo Stylema® monobloc calipers
o New Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres, 200/60 at the rear

2018 Ducati Panigale V4 – USA Specifications/Technical Details
US MSRP Price: $ USD

Engine Desmosedici Stradale 90° V4, rearward-rotating crankshaft, 4 Desmodromically actuated valves per cylinder, liquid cooled
Displacement 1,103 cc
Bore X stroke 81 x 53.5 mm
Compression ratio 14.0:1
Power 157.5 kW (214 hp) @ 13,000 rpm
Torque 124.0 Nm (91.5 lb-ft) @ 10,000 rpm
Fuel injection Electronic fuel injection system. Twin injectors per cylinder. Full ride-by-wire elliptical throttle bodies. Variable length intake system
Exhaust 4-2-1-2 system, with 2 catalytic converters and 2 lambda probes
Gearbox 6 speed with Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) up/down EVO
Primary drive Straight cut gears; Ratio 1.80:1
Ratio 1=38/14 2=36/17 3=33/19 4=32/21 5=30/22 6=30/24
Final drive Chain; Front sprocket 16; Rear sprocket 41
Clutch Hydraulically controlled slipper and self-servo wet multiplate clutch
Frame Aluminum alloy “Front Frame”
Front suspension Fully adjustable Showa BPF fork. 43 mm chromed inner tubes
Front wheel 5-spokes light alloy 3.50″ x 17″
Front tyre Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP 120/70 ZR17
Rear Suspension Fully adjustable Sachs unit. Aluminum single-sided swingarm
Rear Wheel 5-spokes light alloy 6.00” x 17”
Rear tyre Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP 200/60 ZR17
Wheel travel (front/rear) 120 mm (4.7 in) – 130 mm (5.1 in)
Front brake 2 x 330 mm semi-floating discs, radially mounted Brembo Monobloc Stylema® (M4.30) 4-piston callipers with Bosch Cornering ABS EVO
Rear brake 245 mm disc, 2-piston calliper with Bosch Cornering ABS EVO
Instrumentation Last generation digital unit with 5″ TFT colour display
Dry weight 175 kg (386 lb)
Kerb weight 198 kg (436 lb)
Seat height 830 mm (32.48 in)
Wheelbase 1.469 mm (57,8 in)
Rake 24,5°
Front wheel trail 100 mm (4 in)
Fuel tank capacity 16 l – 4.23 gallon (US)
Number of seats Dual seats
Riding Modes, Power Modes, Bosch Cornering ABS EVO, Ducati Traction Control (DTC) EVO, Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO, Ducati Slide Control (DSC), Engine Brake Control (EBC) EVO, Auto tyre calibration Riding Modes, Power Modes, Bosch Cornering ABS EVO, Ducati Traction Control (DTC) EVO, Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO, Ducati Slide Control (DSC), Engine Brake Control (EBC) EVO, Auto tyre calibration
Ducati Power Launch (DPL), Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) up/down EVO, Full LED lighting with Daytime Running Light (DRL), Sachs steering damper, Quick adjustment buttons, Auto-off indicators Ducati Power Launch (DPL), Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) up/down EVO, Full LED lighting with Daytime Running Light (DRL), Ducati Electronic Suspension (DES) EVO with Ohlins suspension and steering damper, Quick adjustment buttons, Lithium-ion battery, Auto-off indicators, Marchesini aluminium forged wheels
Passenger seat and footpegs kit Passenger seat and footpegs kit
Ducati Data Analyser+ (DDA+) with GPS module, Ducati Multimedia System (DMS) and anti-theft Ducati Data Analyser+ (DDA+) with GPS module, Ducati Multimedia System (DMS) and anti-theft
Warranty (months) 24 months unlimited mileage
Maintenance (km/months) 12,000 km (7,500 mi) / 12 months
Valve clearance adjustment (km) 24,000 km (15,000 mi)
CONSUMPTION/EMISSIONS 6,9 l/100km – CO2 165 g/km

Re: #351: 2018 Ducati Panigale V4 - VOTE TODAY

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:32 am
by totalmotorcycle
You are most likely not surprised about this weeks very much anticipated hot release from Ducati, the 2018 Ducati Panigale V4!

You owe it to yourself to take a look at my 20 page view of the V4 here: ... -v4-review I promise you, you won't find THAT MUCH information about this bike anywhere else.


Re: #351: 2018 Ducati Panigale V4 - VOTE TODAY

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:46 pm
by ZRex
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, that is all I can say.

Re: #351: 2018 Ducati Panigale V4 - VOTE TODAY

Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:51 am
by totalmotorcycle
I went with Cool.

Call me crazy, but maybe it is just me, the new 2018 Ducati Panigale V4 it just doesn't look that good. It looks "fat and bulgey" in parts and the exhaust looks bad, even the mono swing arm tire looks odd, and that is usually the part Ducati gets right. So for looks, I give it an uncool.

The engine on the other hand, is an awesome. Horsepower of 214 is more than enough and good toque; although these numbers are not as awesome as it would be for an inline-4 and even some V-Twins and V4's from MV Agusta are very similar in power (212hp/115torque). I've always loved the V4 idea. The problem that has always existed with the V4 is complexity, cooling and cost. Soooo many manufacturers (and riders) want to make the V4 work, but it never really has. Maybe this is the home run of V4's, let's hope!

I would have a hard time buying the new V4 (based on looks alone) over the 1299 or the 959. Hell, I'd skip Ducati and get an MV Agusta, hands down, no question, it is just way better for the money. ... h44-review




Actually, thanks to the F4 offering from MV Agusta and the F4's stunning looks I'm changing my vote to Uncool... sorry Ducati.


Re: #351: 2018 Ducati Panigale V4 - VOTE TODAY

Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:08 am
by totalmotorcycle
2018 Ducati Panigale V4 - Coolness Factor = 81.8%
Featured: November 17th, 2017 - November 24th, 2017
Most popular vote category: Awesome?


Motorcycle Cool Wall discussion: viewtopic.php?f=61&t=54548
Total Motorcycle model page: ... -v4-review

Your Coolness Factor of the 2018 Ducati Panigale V4

Awesome 7
Cool 2
Uncool 2
Fail 0

Total votes: 11

= a Coolwall Factor of 81.8%

Total Motorcycle's Take-a-Way: The unloved Ducati. There I said it and based on the lack of comments, so did everyone else. I feel riders (and Ducati owner too) really want to love the new Panigale V4; Ducati's Panigale 1299 replacement, but like eating too big a piece of pasta, it can be hard to swallow. While the votes did mark it "awesome" and the score of 81.8% is indeed great, I really have to question why you would buy a 1299 over say a MV Agusta F4; I just don't see the point. Love the new Ducati V4 engine, but I feel, somehow, Ducati laid an egg, we all just don't want that to be true.

Cool Wall Comment of the Week: "Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, that is all I can say." - Zrex