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Looking for rides, groups, and roads.....

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 11:50 am
by Dualsport Dad
My sons (2) and I ride 2006 Honda XR650Ls, we're in the San Diego area, looking for any info on local rides, trails, whatever. Also would appreciate any info on setting these bikes up for touring, i.e. racks, panniers, etc.

Anyone home?

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 6:23 am
by Dualsport Dad
Is this an initiation type thing? No replies for the newbie?
Maybe good thing Mongo like ride alone anyways. Fooie!

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 10:45 am
by KarateChick
No no no. I'm pretty sure it's the forum you posted this into. It may not be read/scanned as often as the Total MC Talk, Beginners or even Experienced by the readers. Ha - even Soap and Funny Farm gets more traffic I think.

Maybe either re-post this into one of those or ask a Mod to move it. Normally no "newb" slurs around here. Cheers! :D

(and Gadjet probably has lots of info on setting up for touring)

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 9:53 pm
by High_Side
I'd love to help you out but I'm a little too far away to offer you anything you can use. Welcome to the forum just the same...

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 3:10 pm
by VermilionX
palomar mountain is pretty popular there in san diego.