CV carbs

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CV carbs

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I have a 1977 Honda CB 750..Can I use a set of 1979 to 1982 CV carbs on my bike

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CV/CD,,, Carbs Exeperiaces,Oppion

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I have both bikes,a 77-750 S/Sport,Sohc, plus 74 CB750 with simular engines,but diferent carbs,

and also have 79 -750-S/Sport DOHC,and 82 CB-750-SC NightHawk,with 900 motor installed,
and they both use CV/CD Constant Depression Carbs,

I have a novice/enthusist/collector experiance of buying bikes with Add on problemns,
Looking at the Set up you want,,
,,,, The Neopreme/ Rubber Manifold's If new could connect the Newer Carbs to the Intake Manifold's if the dimentions were the same,

note;if you are buying carbs get the intake flexable Neopreme Rubber's
Soak in Lubricant ,in dish soap,or silcone spray, never oil,

The Choke Cable would be added,to handle bars,
Also Due to Jetting problems if stock,
the Air Cleaner Box is Important,
As a Example
,,,,,I bought A 79-82 ,750/Super Sport from a Buddy,
who added a Four in to one header,
Originaly he had four into two.

He Removed the Air cleaner box assembly,
And also added 4 individual Custom aftermaket Air Filter on the Carb's. looked nice, :laughing: Yeah right
It ran like S___t ,
Constantly Wandering , had no responce, in rpm when throtle twisted up and down .
After a day trip of 70 miles he was convinced he had ruined it, :frusty:
And parked It,

Pride would not let him ask for Help, :x
Nor would he take it to a Shop, :oops:
He needed a Ride. :cry:

I asked him if he was Interested in selling the bike,
one a condition added,
Bring Me all of the original equipment removed,
with bike and papersTax title and Lp.

:lol: Cash in hand he left,to purchase another, used bike,, :)
saying Good luck sucker,under his breath,

,,,,I Looked over the pile of parts, and replaced the Air box and Filter assembly , added the nessceary plumbing for PVC and Breather,cnd regaped the Plug's Replaced Tank and fired it up ,

every thing back to normal,
Four in to one Headder sounded Great,
So I do not know if you can add the Stock box,
but if it fits use it,,,
or a suitatable replcement,
let us know if this works out for you,

And some body out there has experianced this,problemn
and took a different aproach, Speak up.

Please use aftermaket up grade Filter with wrap around pre filter made of flexy foam that is washable,
and has oil spay bottle for adding after wash,
Hope this helps,,
Old school Metric,Honda,CBX 6,SOHC,DOHC,6,4,and2cyl,

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