Honda 2015 XR650L over water cooled competitors

Rick James Bish
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Honda 2015 XR650L over water cooled competitors

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I am about to purchase a dual sport along with a few friends. When I stated I was getting the XR650L and that it was air cooled they all cringed. They are both getting water cooled.. the DR650 and the KLR650. We live in Tehachapi California and will be accessing mountain trails, desert type terrain, paved and dirt roads. I picked the XR based off reliability reviews, which I assumed meant the air cooled configuration was no real concern. In most cases I am assuming we will be moving along at 20 and 35mph on average. Should I be concerned about running air cooled ? What would make the XR a better choice over the other 2 ? It seems for the same price you are getting newer technology over the XR. I have sat on all 3 and have no real preference based on that but have always owned honda.

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Re: Honda 2015 XR650L over water cooled competitors

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Hello Sean and welcome to the forum. Ride whatever bike you want to. I sure would like to see a picture of it.
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