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Hi all

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Hi guys, I'm Glen. I'm the owner of 1986 GL1200. I enjoy riding a motorbike and listening music.

I need good advice.

The gas tank on my GL looked bad- no severe scale, just rusty. I was advised to remove it, use phosporic acid to clean it. I did so and was left with a few areas that prob need a longer soak.

I had thought to use a coating like por-15 but was concerned it would clog the pickup screen and tube. My intention was to just fill it with gas and let the petrol fumes keep oxygen to a minimum and thus stave off future rust.

Then i met a guy who said i better re-line or get another tank. So i found a good used tank with just one spot of rust in the bottom. I went ahead and soaked that tank in apple cider vinegar because i didnt want to destroy the factory lining.

All kinds of junk came out so i left just a cup of the solution in the bottom assuming the rest of the tank would be fine. I had it in a small room with a large dehumidifier running. There were stains on the walls of the tank i thought were from the crap that had been knocked loose but not rinsed out.

2 days later i dumped the remaining apple cider vinegar and washed it through but its a mess. Rust everywhere.

So off to walmart and putchased 6 gallons of white vinegar. Its been 2.5 days and theres a lot of rust. Its slowly turning black but seems like new places are rusting up. Its crazy.

What am i doing wrong? Now my original tank looks better!! I saw good rust remover what you can say about it?

Is apple cider vinegar too strong? Was the factory lining on its way out? Can i por-15 the tank without clogging the pickup tube (i read one account of the brass screen turning to "glass" afterwards. Should i just use my original tank without a lining?

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