fuel tank hoses

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fuel tank hoses

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Removed the tank (painting) from my 1982 Suzuki GS650L, and noted at least three hoses (maybe more?) that needed to be hooked up; two coming from the pet stick and one from the area of the electrical hook up for the fuel gauge, one of the hoses, from the pet stick, is larger than the other so I am assuming this goes to the carbs, the other is a little smaller and (again) I am assuming it goes the the carb. manifold as a vacuum. the metal line at he fuel gauge electrical hook up does not have a rubber hose to it so am at a loss as to what to do with this one. After painting the tank and re-installing it I hooked the lines from the pet stick (large) to the carbs. and the other (smaller) to the manifold, metal line is not hooked up as I do not have a hose to do so, at this time I started the bike and found I had to hold the choke (enricher) completely on in order to keep the bike running. Any suggestions?
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Re: fuel tank hoses

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Perhaps. Entryways makes two hoses for CUSTOM APPLICATIONS. One has a 45 degree twist different has a 90 degree twist. Both have a 1.5" I.D. opening. These are proposed for CUSTOM applications and are not made for a particular vehicle.

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