Las Vegas

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Las Vegas

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I won a trip to Vegas on the radio and went on the trip last week. It was a 24 hour trip, girls only, 25 winners who each brought one girl friend. I took my best friend (left poor Mikey behind) and we had a blast! The one thing is that the two of us were Vegas virgins and were totally and completely overwhelmed at the reality of it all. We still can't believe that place exists.

If it weren't for winning a few bucks at craps, I probably wouldn't want to go back. You see, I left with a winning feeling so I want to go back and play some more! LOL :)

It also seemed very expensive there and I can't help but wonder why people vacation there when they could spend less money and go to other places in the world? There are so many places you could blow a couple grand and I just can't imagine why Vegas is on the top of so many people's lists.

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I hear about the cost. My parents lived there for a couple years and I took a few tips out there to visit them. During those visits I took a few trips down to the strip, and the same things struck me - it was expensive, and unless you were willing to free up cash, there wasn't much to see or do. I guess Vegas use to be different than this, in the old days. They would try to schmooz you into spending money with free drinks, and all kinds of upgrades once they could see you were dropping cash down. Now, unless you are spending thousands, you don't really get any free perks. If you like gambing, it might be worth it just for the thrill of trying to win. Otherwise it is just another vacation spot with a big magnet for your wallet. Really wild place to see once, and it really does stay up all night. I went and saw Penn and Teller one day, which was cool, but even the shows are not very cheap. I guess that use to be different too. They would have free or cheap shows to get people into the casinos.
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I disagree, I was there last month and didn't find it any more expensive than places around here. I think it depends on where you go... some of the casinos definitely cater to the big money crowd and the prices of their restaurant/bars reflect that. If you're ever there again pick up a guide book or those free tourist magazines and they'll point you towards the less expensive places.

I suppose it also depends on your interests. For me I think Disneyworld is a waste of money if you don't have kids, but I know lots of adults who visit every year.

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Re: Las Vegas

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