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ATV's belt drive or gear drive

Posted: Thu May 25, 2006 10:13 pm
by MotoF150
Was out riding on a ATV Poker Run last Sunday, it was rainning, wet, we had to run thru deep water and mud holes, water up to my seat, even got mud and water into my airbox. I own the gear drive, manual Suzuki Eiger, the water caused no problems, but the belt drive ATV's like the Yamaha Kodiak had problems making short small hills due to a slipping belt, slipping belt due to being wet. I know ATV's are not made to be run as submarines, and guys with a belt drive will still say they would ratter replace the belt instead of burning up the clutch on a gear drive, but I have seen other ATV's smoke belts even on dry runs. The only gear drive ATV's out there are the Yamaha Big Bear, and Suzuki Eiger and Vinson. All I can say I will never own a belt drive, I have seen too many problems with them.