Something I didn't know about Rossi

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That'll teach me to post at silly o'clock in the morning after work! :laughing:
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TechTMW wrote:I especially like his Nastro Azzurro Beer commercials :)

P.S. I have yet to meet an Italian that ISN'T cocky to some degree. Comes w/ the genes I think.
Exactly. For an Italian who is the best in the world, he is very humble.

That is the problem with most racers. They are rather haughty. I remember one interview of Nicky Hayden that was really nice. Instead of blaming tires or track or whatever, he simply blamed himself for finishing third. He said his bike and tires and team were great, but he just didn't get it done that day, and he apologized to them for it.

But most racers, regardless of nationality, tend to be cocky.

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