Miler Motorsports Trackday

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Miler Motorsports Trackday

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Is anyone going to do any track days at Miller this year. I am going in a week or so......anyone else???? Great deal at $390 for 2 days of riding in a 2 group format. Below is from a mailer from PTT.

Pacific Track Time: Miller Motorsports Park 14th/15th Weekend Special for only $390!!

Hi All!

Pacific Track Time has an upcoming event at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah on Saturday and Sunday, April 14th & 15th.

PTT still has space available. The event is normally priced at $275 per day; If you sign up with PTT today you and your friends can ride this 4+ mile Premier Racetrack all weekend for only $390 dollars (that’s only $195 per day!)

That’s a savings of $160 dollars!!

Space will go fast at this low price so sign-up now at

See you at the track! bad thats less than a week...I better start packing the truck and trailer.....

Lets get out and ride.

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