Danny MacAskill - What can you say!!!!!

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Re: Danny MacAskill - What can you say!!!!!

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Core strength and nerveless confidence, I think. Both.

One thing I like about him is that he says he is useless at competition riding. He just likes to have fun, out in the open and not on artificial tracks.

+1 about his film makers. Some stunning visuals, and love the soundtracks.


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Re: Danny MacAskill - What can you say!!!!!

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I could say he's been practicing quite a lot :) and yeah, it's completely SICK how skilled he is on that bike. INTENSE.

I love freestyle stuff, and the "Way Back Home" vid is completely awesome.

I was surprised that a few tricks (very few) he uses some man-made ramps. But sometimes they want a certain specific spectacle and the telephone box jump was a fun one to "cheat" just a little. Not that there is any doubt about the guys ability.

For motorcycle trials there are cool bits by Dougie Lampkin on youtube as well.. a fun one i recall is him riding through Goodwood house climbing to the roof.
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