New Mustang seat is on the way!

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New Mustang seat is on the way!

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Well i took another big leap last night! I purchased a Mustang seat with studs, and conchos for my Shadow VLX. Also bought a Mustang studded tank bib. Found a good price on Amazon then had Dennis Kirk beat it. Ive heard alot of good things about the Mustang seat! Im hopeing its a good investment in my pride , and joy! It should be a huge improvement over the stock seat. After about 30 minutes on stock seat my "O Ring" is killin me! I think its going to look great with the new Leatherlyke bags im getting put on today!

New seat, and tank bib should be at my door next Thursday! Im really excited, and hope im happy with my new seat! One thing im concerned about is some folks have stated it moved them forward a couple of inches, so i hope i dont get more cramped than i already am on my little VLX. The forward controls ive seen cost alot, and i really dont want to have to buy them! Im hoping it might raise me up a little bit since i sit so low now. From the looks of it i should have some decent back support too.

I must confess though im not very mechanically inclined! Would anyone here that has a mustang seat, or atleast familiar with them say its fairly easy to put on? Is stock seat easy to take off? When putting on seat does passenger pillon just snap down in back, or are there bolts to tighten down there as well?

Sometimes i feel like a nut spending all this money on my bike, but i cant help myself! It makes me feel good. I get a high by making the bike my own, and adding to its beauty. Id like to think these things add to my bikes value too! like an investment. I just cant help but feel a little guilty! I feel like an accessorie fiend sometimes that needs help cause i cant stop on my own! Maybe someday ill have nothing more i want for my bike, and ill be able to recover from my disease!

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