HD 883 Custom top speed 100kpm?!

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Re: HD 883 Custom top speed 100kpm?!

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GS_in_CO wrote:Theory yields to experience.
Not in this case. See my most recent response to the OP. :oops:
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Re: HD 883 Custom top speed 100kpm?!

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We're both going on a mix of experience with other machines than the specific one the OP has and theory so errors will happen.

That's the risk of diagnosis by internet forum.

I'd sure like to know what the final outcome is. My theory says that EFI systems operate the throttle mechanically which is the air control and the FI system then adds the fuel needed to match. So theory suggests that if you can turn the throttle fully open but the FI system can't provide enough fuel - it should run poorly. The FI system can't make up for insufficient fuel to match the air flow. On the other hand, something preventing full throttle movement would prevent full airflow and the FI could keep up so it would run right.

Oh yeah, full throttle movement should be something to check for now that I'm thinking of it....

But if it's throttle-by-wire ...... I dunno. How do they fail? (probably in many more ways than cables do)

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Re: HD 883 Custom top speed 100kpm?!

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Ok, Fuel flow verified. Correct fuel replaced.....
You said its fuel injected....

Replaced air filter?
Checked all wiring to the Injector?
And the ignition system itself?
Clean all connectors and use dielectric grease?
Looked for frayed wire insulation?
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