Newbie...Sort of

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Newbie...Sort of

#1 Unread post by Tightjeansincali » Thu May 21, 2009 11:45 am

I am new to the Forum, but not really to motorcycles. My dad had a few when I was growing up. I even had one of those old mopeds, with the pedals and the gas/oil mix. I've ridden Honda Ace 750, Buell, Honda Shadow 1100, Venture Royale 1200 (Hubby's bike, it fell over with me on it and I broke my wrist) , ZRX1200. When I say ridden, I mean I was the one in control.

I have wanted a bike since I was 18. Out of my friends, I wanted to be the first girl on a bike. Dated a couple guys with bikes. Have always loved it. Even if I was on the back. Fast forward 19 1/2 years. Took the MSF course through the Post where hubby is stationed and got my license Sept 2007. Jumped on a Honda Ace 750 for a Veterans ride. Hubby tried to get a few guys to let me ride their bikes. But they all think a woman has no business on a bike, especially in control. HMMMMPH! Well.........hubby told me this year was my year!!!! Told me to start looking for MY bike. I found it, but was sold before we could get it. 2001 ZRX1000 (I fell in love with a friends' ZRX1200). But, I had my eye on another bike. Got it this Feb and had to have some work done on it. It had been sitting for 4 years. It's loud, it's bright and I LOVE IT!!! I wear a pink jacket with hubby's yellow Icon vest and my helmet is green to match the bike. 1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R. I brought it home last week and have been on it everyday. Hubby says I'm going to wear out my tires before he can get me off it. Just try it!

I love to see guys look at the bike, then do a double-take when they realize "That's a chick!". LOL!
Get over it, Girls ride, too!!!

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