Flat Track Video IFTA Race 2

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Flat Track Video IFTA Race 2

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Here's the complete 450cc flat track final at Johnson County Fairgrounds, Franklin, Ind. This race was Sunday May 20, 2007

I'm having trouble posting the video directly to the forum, so here's the link:


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Dirt track is great stuff! we dont get much of it locally, but with the advent of SuperMotard bikes there has been a bit of resurgence. Up here in Canuckistan there've been a few good local TT-style motard race series the last couple of years. In the Great White North we have had some great oval track ice racing in the winters for many years, but I love watching dirt track too... i should check out the local MX track again, as every once in awhile enough people put the effort into forming a dirt track series...
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