question about backing it in

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question about backing it in

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How does backing it in actually work? Is the rear tire locked up during corner entry, or just on the verge of lock up? How do the pros avoid high siding? When do you get on the gas and off the brake? Anybody got slow-motion video that explains it? What kind of speeds are they doing this at? Is this trick suitable for use on the street by a beginner? (joking)
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backing it in happens when you're braking hard enough that the rear wheel has barely any weight on it... you then downshift and the engine braking basically drags the rear wheel along because there's not enough friction on the rear wheel to spin it fast enough to meet the speed of the pavment.... the tire then smears across the pavment. Sometimes it steps out to the side (especially once you've entered a steering input into the equation)...

As long as it's still smearing & doesn't hook up while it's stepping out, you're not gonna highside. It's when it hooks up while it's still getting hung out there that you risk getting tossed up & over the bars.

It's no so much a technique as it is a result of going fast, braking hard and downshifting quickly.

It's really tough to describe.... I found a really interesting article that might interest you but for the life of me, I can't find it right now :frusty:

EDIT: FOUND IT!!!! ... ckitin.pdf
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