Which Helmet to buy?

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Which Helmet to buy?

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I am looking for a new helmet and was just wondering if anyone has this helmet or knows anything about it.

http://www.eswarm.com/index.php?module= ... warmId=292


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The best suggestion I can give you is to check out the Helmet Fit Guideline by Lion_Lady

Good Luck, Have Fun and Stay Safe Out There!

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Buy the helmet that fits you best.

Don't buy online unless you know that it fits you well.

Personally, I would not spend extra money for a carbon fiber shell. A super stiff shell can potentially impart a higher impact force onto your head. At best, it's no safer than a plastic shell helmet.. so the exorbitant cost is absolutely not worth it.

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being a beany helmet user for 30 years I recently upgarded to a Nolan 104 flip face w/ VPR system(maybe its the 102? I forget. My Nolan does have the ncom port so maybe it is the 104). It took a while to get use to it as it was one extreme to another, beany for 30 years to a total closed in helmet. It allows me to ride into November comfortably. If I need air I just lift up the lexan face shield and voila!


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For me, the answer was buying some helmets... :?

I have a full flip up KBC, a full HJC , a half Harley Davidson, a 3/4 with shield AFX and a cheap beanie with flamex....

I use depend of the kind of ride I have.... But I know that the most
protective is the full one....

But the most important to me is: ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET, not matter how far your ride....

(I learn it here in TMW)


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