boost performance scooter 125cc

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boost performance scooter 125cc

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Hello all,

I live in Malaysia and recently purchased a Mosquito MZ 125 scooter (auto).

Top speed 110km/hr.

I want to improve it's performance. I just don't know a thing about mechanics...Does anyone know where I should go in Kuala Lumpur and area to get it done by a pro? Anyone could tell me what are the best things to do?

My goal would be to reach the 120km/hr at least...I'm sure it's possible.

Any suggestion very welcome


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Maybe you should try buying online and ask an expert to help you..

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more power

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If it's 2 stroke, shave the head-raise the compression,open up the transfer ports in the barrel, fit a better exhaust system,advance the timing a little,change the carby settings-main,pilot jets maybe,run better fuel 98octane, Hang on!
does that help.

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or buy a bigger bike :D.
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