Gear bag you can leave with the bike

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Gear bag you can leave with the bike

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I want to start riding my bike to a train station and taking the train to work (instead of riding all the way to work) but I can't carry my huge load of gear on the trains with me, so I want a way to leave it with the bike without worrying so much about it being stolen.

Is there some kind of "secure" bag that will hold helmet, jacket, and pants and can be at least semi-securely locked to the bike while i'm gone, even if it has to sit on the ground?

google searches haven't really yielded anything for me...

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couple questions:

What kind of bike do you have?
Do you have a means of mounting locking sidecases or a topbox?

In a pinch, you can always get a decent cable lock and run the cable through the chinbar on the helmet, then through the sleeves and pantlegs of your riding gear and locking them to the bike.

Alternately, get a small duffle bag or backpack that you can put your gear in and take it with you. I know, you don't want to take your gear with you, but this would be by far the cheapest and most secure method.
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For a helmet, I'd suggest a Helmet Guardian. Just mount it with Locktite for a little extra security, and you have a place to keep your helmet if you don't have a helmet lock (or an easy to use one...)

For other you have a sissy bar on your bike? Or other place you can wrap a cable lock around? There are lots of bike storage bags you can use, and then cable-lock it to the bike. To secure contents, use airline-approved mini-locks (I say those because you'll know if someone tampered with them) on the zipper pulls.

SUggestions can be a little more specific if you tell us what kind of bike you're on...

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