Should i try to start racing pro???

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Should i try to start racing pro???

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I'm 20 years old and i've been riding bikes for a lil over 10 years. Just recently picked up a sports bike. I've gotten pretty decent and put down some dang good track times. All this time i've just been messing around.

My question is...if there's anyone out there who has raced pro/semi pro. Is it worth the time and effort to try and make it pro? I know getting there has to do alot with luck....


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Motorcycle roadracing is still a sport where a gifted rider can, to a large extent, make his/her own luck and get noticed by a private or for the very gifted, factory roadrace team. The updated AMA roadracing rules should give the privateer racer more opportunities to shine on the national roadrace scene.

Go get your roadrace license and start racing at the local club and regional level and see where that takes you.

Now for the reality check... keep in mind most of the proffesionals have been racing bikes not long after they learned how to walk. Not everyone can be the next Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods but even though you don't get to the pro level, the journey itself seems to provide enough reward to race at more grass roots levels.

Personally, I lack the killer instinct and the commitment necessary to race. I prefer to stick to trackdays and schools where the only pressure comes from myself.

LDS and some other folks on this forum are club and regional racers and will be able to tell you the nitty gritty of the racer's life.
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Are you talking about drag racing or road racing?

Either way, racing motorcycles is like any other sport... gotta start at rock bottom & work your way up. Hit up some track days, seek out instruction from qualified instructors, do that for a while to build a solid foundation upon which to build up your skills.

After that it's off to Club racing. There are club racing organizations all over the country and there's all different types of race classes; big bikes, small bikes, medium bikes... sport, supermoto, you name it. Decide which one's right for you & have at it... but NEVER stop learning.

This is all kinda vague, but then again so was your question. If you start giving me specifics I might be able to help you out some more.

Do realize however, that "turning pro" is a lot easier said than done. I'm an expert club racer and I know guys with more talent in their pinky finger than I have in my whole body and even they don't have factory supported rides. Like any other professional sport it's only the "1 percent-ers" that can turn it into a profession. Racing is a sport of love, not riches.

Like the saying goes: "The best way to make a million dollars in racing is to start with TWO million"
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