Modifing Forward controls on '08 Shadow Aero

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Modifing Forward controls on '08 Shadow Aero

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Lucky me, husband bought me a new bike. I'm only 4'10" (short legs), does anyone have any ideas regarding moving the controls back a bit? I can reach them if I sit as forward as possible, which leaves about 4 -5 five inches between me and the seat back. Can't ride with the grand kids safely like this. I know I can get risers to bring the handlebars closer. But any tips on this would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Safe riding to all!

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I don't know of any way to get Mid controls (as opposed to your forward controls) on the Honda Shadow line.

Honestly, at your height (which is my riding mom's height, happy Mother's Day!), I'd suggest a different bike. My mom loved her Kawasaki Vulcan 500, she could reach the controls and the bike was plenty big and powerful enough for real street riding. She's moved up to a bigger machine but she never outgrew that Kawasaki 500.

If you have to keep the Shadow, you can try removing the seat cover and shaving off some of the foam so that you sit further forward. I have also see stock shifter and brake pedals modified with a little piece of steel plate bolted to them, so that the feet can reach them more easily.

Aero's a fine machine and the one I rode handled well, but I think it's just too big for you. That Vulcan 500 and the Suzuki Marauder 800 might be better choices. Sounds like you want a cruiser but seriously, your shorter legs will go a lot farther on a bike like the Ninja 500 or the GS500, where the controls are under you, not in front of you. None of the bikes I've mentioned is more expensive than the Aero, in fact most of them should be cheaper.

I hope your hubby doesn't have his feelings hurt, but he's picked out a bike for you that is going to be a real challenge for you to overcome and a safety issue for you and any kids on the back. But wow, he got you a bike, he's a keeper!
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