Sewing Leather

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Sewing Leather

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I sew leather and I customize chaps for Ladies.
Thought I'd clue you in on a few tip to help keep them in place for
walking around, or keeping them where they belong in relation to your jeans when sliding them down to pee....
Try putting 1/2" to 1" wide elsatic on the inside of back upper area, it really does help, or sew in a channel and slide rope-type
elastic in with an adjuster to keep them snug.

I have a huge industrial leather sewing machine but
I do ALOT of sewing leather on the (household/simple)
Brother sewing machine from Walmart. Just put in a heavy-duty needle.
Hope this helps somewhat.
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thanks for the advice.

I have been trying to find the material that HD uses on the back of some of there chaps, any ideas.
It looks like very thick elastic panels.
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Great tips. Leather can be very easy to work with if you have the proper tools. If you dont have a machine, get yourself some glovers needles and some thimbles to protect your fingers and thumbs and above all be patient.

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