Yummy Kevlar Goodness?

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Yummy Kevlar Goodness?

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I'm not a big fan of leather. I've got a leather icon jacket, which I like for style...but it's not so fun to wear on hot days. Leather pants are simply out of the question; too hot AND ugly. If your gear is ugly and hot, it's tempting not to wear it at all.

So, I'm looking to share my experiences and maybe get some ideas on really comfortable stuff that's also fairly safe. There's a lot of people out there in plain jeans and t-shirts; that looks really comfortable, but I'm not quite that suicidal.

Anyway, I ended up getting some Shift jeans http://www.motostrano.com/shtostje.html (not sure if these are them, I got mine at a retail store). I did pick up some T-pro body armor from motostrano though... they're a bit bulky and hot though. The Shift jeans are really stylish and comfortable; like normal jeans. There's no armor though.

I got Mocycle kevlar jeans from http://www.hogarmor.com - they're good quality and have some armor in the knees and hips. Pretty comfy.

If anyone knows where I can get this stuff http://www.bladerunner.tv/ in the USA/Canada, that would be awesome. I would love to be able to wear some of this stuff for added protection or for friends to throw on when they're getting a lift from me (Yes, I have spare helmets for them).

Also; what are everyones experiences with motorcycle gloves? Mine are Made2Ride. I don't know the model or anything and can't find a site that's got pics to match up - but they're leather with some kevlar; they get my hands too sweaty though.

Can anyone recommend some gloves that have some good protection (preferably with the rock solid knuckle) that breathe well enough to not feel disgusting in summer?

Thanks everyone!

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