Petite women's Pants

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Petite women's Pants

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Hi all ! I m posting this for my wife.

She is 5' average built girl :mrgreen: Tried a local motorcycle store, checked some online, but nothing for a 5' .. What I am looking for her is like a mid to may be heavy weight textile pants that she could wear may be over jeans or something .. May be some thermals .. Depends on where we go .. I am more of a utility rider than a leisure rider .. Running errands around on motorcycle, going for an hour or so rides to wilderness, and then hike there etc. So leather pants would be very impractical for our purposes ..

Any websites, that you know of ? We are in Northern NJ in Bergen County ..

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What ladies size does she wear? Most motorcycle overpants give size information. THere are several good brands of gear that are excellent quality and protection without breaking the budget.

Olympia is one I like because they're ladies' gear is actually 'woman shaped.' Also First Gear.

Check out and for some great deals. You should keep in mind that motorcycle pants are supposed to be longer that street pants. That way when you bend your knees to put your feet on the pegs, your ankles and boot tops are still protected.

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not all of the pants are hemable, when you pick out a pair be sure they are adjustable, make sure the zipper does not stop at the bottom, they should stop about four inches, this will give you room for alteration.
I have a 27" inseam and have difficulty finding pants.
Sure they have some that are petite but you better make sure they are adjustable. Its no fun having a bunch of pants around your ankle...okay that sounds funny. :laughing:

I ordered my Gerbing in a them

+1 on New Enough. Carhart makes some great petite ladies work pants, these would be good for the hiking/ride days.
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If you do need to hem them, go to a place that can work on heavy duty materials. Most things are hemmable, you just need to have the proper equipment.

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I have noticed this in men's pants as well. None are petit enough, You get a long enough inseam and the waist is about 2 sizes too big (requiring a belt) then the arse is about a yard too big. (the choices are either have pants with a large arse not a petit one or wear high waters or get them taylored)

So face the facts unless you can wear clothes off the rack, you will not find proper fitting MC clothes either. I just put up with ill fitting pants but have boots and coat that are taylor made.

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Re: Petite women's Pants

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I'm a 'short rider' at 4'11". For warmer weather and my utility rides, I pull out a pair of Bohn Body Armor mesh pants. My utility rides include commuting to work and a stop at the grocery store on the way home. I had to up-size my riding jeans to accommodate the padding.

For weekend rides, I wouldn't leave home without some type of armor for my lower body. It's an art-form to use restroom facilities with two pairs of pants. We've ridden to places where we like to walk and stretch our legs for an hour or so, a botanical gardens or the beach boardwalk, and I didn't find it uncomfortable.

This year I've added a luggage bag to my bike. I'll be more inclined to wear the gear I feel most comfortable with and then change out of it once we get to our destination. Stow the gear on my bike and enjoy the afternoon at the park or beach.

As far as 'brick and mortar' or the internet goes, I've had good experiences with Cyclegear and Motorcycle Superstore. I ask if I have a specific question in mind and make sure that I understand their return policy. The local Cyclegear does a great job of hiring people who ride and one salesman in particular has a girlfriend who also rides. Good luck!

P.S. I've lost 20lbs since buying those up-sized jeans and so I get go shopping for some new jeans this year! :lol:

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Re: Petite women's Pants

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Good news.....Olympia has riding pants that can be made shorter if you need.....the zipper stops about 8 inches above the bottom.
Look for Airglide pants....they have mesh panels, armour, and a rain pant....

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